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01-Sep-2009: Maidenhead

E Cooling keeps temperature under control

The importance of undertaking quality precision temperature control in server rooms cannot be overestimated. Failing to put such measures into place can result in a server failure at a catastrophic financial cost - especially unwelcome news during difficult economic times. The recession and introduction of a Carbon Tax in Ireland later this year reinforces the need for such technology to be more energy saving and cost-effective to operate than ever before. Utilising decades of heating and cooling experience; Hitachi know the best solutions for businesses looking to achieve successful cooling but make financial and energy savings at the same time.

But first, where are businesses going wrong? There are numerous common mistakes made when trying to control temperature in server rooms - resulting in excessive energy loss and higher than necessary running costs. For example, affecting room temperature control includes relying on opening a window or door to let heat out of the room or cracks in ceiling tiles, under doors and on walls.

As well as avoiding such errors, it is key that the right, effective cooling equipment is installed in server rooms; specifically designed for computers in server rooms and containing adequate temperature and humidity controls. As well as manufacturing server room equipment, Hitachi also engineer powerful yet highly efficient precision temperature control solutions - known as ‘E-Cooling’ – for this equipment. This technology offers many unique features to reduce carbon footprint.

For example, Hitachi’s ‘E-cooling’ technology is highly precise in its temperature delivery to minimise any unnecessary energy wastage. In order to achieve this we have incorporated key features such as automatic capacity adjustment - operating to set the correct cooling temperature required for the environment; and precision cooling control – preventing excessive cooling from occurring.

A great range of optional functions available with the Hitachi ‘E-cooling’ technology achieve this precision too; including forced stop, remote interface and auxiliary control.

We also developed a unique ‘free cooling’ feature which involves using fresh air if the outdoor temperature is cooler than the indoor temperature. This is found on our ‘Econofresh’ air conditioning device to reduce power input.

Finally we incorporate user-friendly features to save the operator time (and therefore, energy and financial loss). For example CS-NET Web - Hitachi’s computer control network system which allows user to fully monitor and control their E-Coolng system from anywhere with web access.

Our ‘E-cooling’ products also come with a five year warranty and free commissioning support – saving further costs. Hitachi have a well established sales, design and application office in Dublin, as well as direct support from their factories in Japan and Spain to offer support to customers at every stage.

For businesses using server rooms – it is a given that temperature has to be controlled to a highly accurate level in order to avoid system failure. However this does not have to cost businesses a huge amount in financial and energy loss. Businesses can actually save great amounts by using the right innovative technology.
For further information please contact Hitachi Europe (Ireland) – 01-216 4406

E Cooling keeps temperature under control

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