Introducing airCloud. Simplified apps to manage your Hitachi air conditioner.

Improve management and efficiency of your Hitachi system using our airCloud wifi control apps - available now for residential and commercial use.

Apps for Residential use

airCloud Go for Residential Air Conditioning Systems
Easily manage your home's air conditioner when on the move with your mobile device.

Intuitive features let you monitor and optimise usage according to your household's needs.

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Apps for Business & Commercial use

airCloud Pro for Commercial and VRF Systems
Access your commercial or VRF systems remotely, from wherever you are, via your PC or smartphone.

Conveniently control multiple systems with one app and share access with an unlimited number of users.

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Apps and Software for HVAC Technicians

airCloud Tap 🆕
airCloud Tap offers contactless settings of your Hitachi commercial air conditioning equipment via mobile phone, using NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology.

HVAC professionals and air conditioning managers can cut time & hassle during commissioning, operation and maintenance. The app can be used to set up, test run and inspect the air conditioning unit connected to the wired remote controller. 

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