Frequently asked questions about Hitachi Cooling & Heating products, technical aspects and policies.


Frequently asked questions about Hitachi Cooling & Heating products, technical aspects and policies.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions, and broaden your knowledge of Hitachi air condioner product and related technical aspects and issues.
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Where do I find information about the Hitachi Cooling & Heating brand?

You can visit our About Us page for more details about the Hitachi air conditioning brand's origins and purpose.

But in terms of products and updates, the best place to learn about this is in our Newsroom.

Where can i view or download manuals relating to my Hitachi air conditioner?

Please visit our Resources section where you can search for brochures and technical data based on model number and also browse by product. They are available in PDF format for you to save and refer back to.


There is also the Hitachi Technical Documentation Hub that you can use to search by model name or SKU. You can access it by clicking here.


If you can't find your particular model, please use the Contact Form to get in touch with our Technical Support team directly.

My air conditioner is faulty and I need to lodge a Warranty Claim. Where do i go?

Please visit our Contact Us to complete your details so that we can ensure that your request is directed to the correct team. Alternatively, you can phone our Hitachi Warranty Team on 1800 211 800.

Where can i find pricing on Hitachi air conditioning products?

Pricing for Hitachi residential air conditioning products is available through our nationwide network of Hitachi partners.


Click Here to Visit our Dealer Finder to locate the nearest Hitachi specialist to you. They can provide you with an in-home assessment and determine which system is suitable for your needs as well as pricing for supply and install.


Pricing for Hitachi commercial air conditioning products is available through your local Hitachi account manager. If you would like to enquire, please contact our Hitachi sales team directly by using the Contact Us form.

I run my own HVAC business and i'm interested in selling/installing Hitachi products. How do i apply?

You can get in touch with our Hitachi team using our online contact form.


Simply select Commercial/partnership enquiry when filling out your details and one of our Hitachi Sales representatives will be in contact with you.



Can all Hitachi air conditioners connect to airCloud Go?

Not all Hitachi air conditioners can connect to airCloud Go.
Our offerings of Hitachi residential air conditioners include three types, varying per region:

  • Type 1: Hitachi air conditioners requiring additional airCloud Go wifi adapter (available as an accessory)
  • Type 2: Hitachi air conditioners ready to connect, with embedded wifi connectivity
  • Type 3: Hitachi air conditioners that cannot be connected to an app

Can airCloud Go with air conditioners from another brand apart from Hitachi AC?

No, airCloud Go is exclusively for Hitachi air conditioners.

I don’t have wifi at home, can I connect my Hitachi air conditioner to airCloud Go app via 4G or Bluetooth?

As of today, connecting your Hitachi air conditioner can be done by wifi only. There is no connectivity by Bluetooth or 4G.