Lock (also called: prohibition)

Locks the controls to prevent unwanted modification of the settings by another user.

When locked, pressing buttons on the remote controller will not change the settings.

- Complete lock (or ‘child lock’): all the buttons and controls are frozen and cannot be modified
- Partial lock: only selected controls are locked - (for example: operation mode lock means it won't be possible to change the operation mode, but any users can keep modifying the temperature, fan speed… etc)

Locking/unlocking the controls usually requires pressing 2 specific buttons on the remote controller at the same time*. In cases where a central controller is connected to the air conditioning system, some central controllers offer the option to set the locks on the individual zone controllers.

* The majority of Hitachi controllers (hand-held, wired and apps) offer locking feature. Locking method (complete or partial) varies per controller model. It is recommended to read the controller operation manual.

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