Room temperature calibration (or compensation*)

Improve air conditioning accuracy in case of biased room temperature sensing.

If the room temperature sensor** is placed next to a heat/cold source (window, chimney, electric appliance…) or in high ceilings, the temperature sensed by the indoor unit may not accurately represent the average room temperature experienced by occupants. Inaccurate temperature sensing may lead to discomfort.

In such case, the calibration of room temperature allows the temperature sensed by the indoor air conditioning unit, to be artificially modified by adding or subtracting few degrees in order to reflect the actual room temperature. It improves the precision of the air conditioning to the real conditions.

Room temperature calibration is recommended to be performed by professionals during commissioning or servicing.

*Term vary per controller model’s display and documentation.
** Room temperature sensor: By default, the reference room temperature is captured by the indoor unit's thermistor placed at the air inlet. In case the remote controller embeds a thermistor, it's also possible to choose the remote controller's thermistor as the reference thermistor. In some specific cases, an external thermistor can be used.

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