Next Generation controller delivers Comfort & Award Winning Design

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning announces the Advanced Colour wired individual controller as the newest member to the Controls family. This contemporary addition introduces a significant upgrade within our wall controller offering that allows occupants to customise their thermal comfort. 


Award-winning design
& intuitive navigation 

With a colourful 4.3-inch screen and premium aesthetics, the Advanced Colour controller is the first to present Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning’s new design approach to wall controllers.  


“We elaborated the Duality DesignTM concept, which focuses on the fusion of opposite elements. In the case of the Advanced Colour Controller, the challenge was to deliver sophisticated looks combined with the simplicity of use. For example, the control panel is slightly curved, which creates a more elegant shape, and better access to the panel buttons for the users” explains the Consumer Design Group at Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning. 


Major development focused on the interface itself, to facilitate access to the desired settings in the Advanced Colour controller. By incorporating easy-to-understand pictograms, simple but powerful graphs and customizable colours allow users to visualize and control functions with ease. Six buttons, one screen, and a streamlined menu enable users to easily navigate over 50 functions available in the Advanced Colour controller.  


Its innovative design hasn’t gone unnoticed, and it is now the proud owner of three awards: a Red Dot Award, an iF Design Award, the latter praising the product for recognizing the need for simpler navigation to control temperatures, and it also received a 2020 European Product Design Award in the Temperature Control Systems category.




Advanced Hitachi controls
enhance energy-saving comfort. 

With the new controller, power-saving functions can be scheduled to reflect the optimal energy usage during peak and off-peak hours. The entire capacity of the VRF system can be reduced, by cutting the peak load or constant moderation for energy savings, or alternatively, it is possible to rotate the indoor units’ operation to lower the overall consumption.  


In addition to the traditional settings, occupants will be able to customize their indoor atmosphere by using the GentleCool function, which prevents a cold draught effect by limiting the temperature of the discharged air. On the contrary, for zones requiring fast cooling or warming –such as meeting rooms-, the AutoBoost setting will automatically trigger 30 minutes of powerful operation every time the indoor unit is turned on. 


The comfort level can also be augmented thanks to the controller’s built-in temperature sensor. Users can choose the controller’s sensor for the VRF system’s indoor temperature recognition, and calibrate it for better accuracy. 


To limit disturbance to the surroundings, users can control the VRF system’s outdoor units’ noise level via the Advanced Colour controller, and activate and/or schedule night quiet mode. 


Last but not least, the Advanced Colour controller will provide full control over FrostWash, the flagship Hitachi Cooling & Heating coil’s self-cleaning function, newly introduced in VRF indoor units. 



Special functions for specific usage 

For single zones conditioned by several indoor units, the Advanced Colour controller can operate a group of up to 16 indoor units


Not only occupants but also HVAC professionals will benefit from the new controller. They will be able to set a password to restrict access to the installation and service features. Quick access to the test run settings and indoor unit’s address guarantees quicker commissioning of equipment. 


With its elegant design, the Advanced Colour controller will be particularly suited for hotel and hospitality venues. The hotel mode function provides quick access to the most popular AC functions for guests, including language selection. In a similar way, the housekeeping service will be able to reset the air conditioning to default settings ready for the next guests. The indoor setback temperature function can be interlocked with a hotel key card when the room becomes vacant. 



Multi-language & Global Scale 


The Advanced Wired Remote Controller is intended to become a global best-seller in its category, with the interface provided in 24 languages (1).


It is currently available in Japan, Taiwan, North America, and Middle-East, and will be progressively deployed in the vast majority of countries and territories where Hitachi Cooling & Heating is present throughout the upcoming months, including Europe. 


The Advanced Wired Remote Controller is intended to become a global best-seller in its category, with the interface provided in 24 languages (1). 



(1) Number of languages available will vary per model and per region 

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