airCloud™ brings air conditioning control to Professionals and Home Users

Hitachi Cooling & Heating delivers a leap forward in air-conditioning management & digital capability with the announcement of airCloud™ IoT suite of Apps & digital services for Residential Users & Professionals.

For Commercial environments, airCloud Pro brings powerful remote management capability of VRF systems to operators from Smart Phone & Web.

For Residential users, airCloud Go makes air conditioning easy via Smart Phone APP & Voice-Control with Google Home* & Amazon Alexa* smart speakers.


Smarter and simpler air conditioning for everyone

From system design to equipment maintenance, airCloud aims at creating a human-centric bridge between Hitachi Cooling & Heating customers and its products at every stage of their journey.

“Air conditioning can often be complex and technical, however, our customers should be able to enjoy comfort instantly, and without effort. With airCloud Apps we have achieved a hassle-free solution to upgrade our customer’s experience for both Home Users, Building Managers & HVAC Professionals” says Rodolphe Jacson, Director of Global Product Management at Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air conditioning.

After 18 months of development, airCloud tools offer unprecedented ease of use, including for first-time users, with intuitive interface visuals icons for a simplified workflow.


IoT technology brings the power of the cloud for mobility & future proofs your investment.

Air conditioning is stationary, but users are not. By using cloud technology, customers can now access their air conditioning equipment from anywhere at any time. airCloud delivers ultimate freedom and mobility for improved convenience. Cloud technology guarantees future-proof expandability as new app upgrades can be delivered over-the-air.


airCloud Pro™: Delivering VRF system remote management via Smart Phone & PC

airCloud Pro is a groundbreaking solution for the controls and management of VRF systems, for owners, operators and technicians. “We noticed that the large majority of VRF system owners do not use centralized controls, making AC management a manual and repetitive work. We wanted to offer a simple yet powerful game-changing solution that delivers convenience and peace of mind to both experienced professionals and first-time users” explains Marshal Pang, Global Controls & IoT Senior Product Manager at Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning, Japan.

From the smartphone app or web, airCloud Pro provides direct access to VRF system controls. Users can instantly improve occupant comfort, by monitoring and fine-tuning AC temperature and other advanced settings.

Thanks to a flexible scheduling function, the operators can plan and meet the occupants’ demand based on the buildings’ business hours.

For each function of airCloud Pro, the user can easily select targeted indoor units, zones or the entire system. Zone creation is made simple within the app, with unlimited levels of zoning.

Air conditioning maintenance is tremendously simplified with airCloud Pro’s troubleshooting function which can detect and track errors remotely. Filter sign informs when an indoor unit requires filter cleaning.

airCloud Pro can connect to an unlimited number of VRF system locations and users, making it ideal for HVAC Professionals & Building Managers managing either single-sites or multi-site VRF systems.

airCloud Pro is delivered via the airCloud gateway to connect Hitachi air conditioning systems:

  • Connects to the cloud by 3G/4G (1) or Ethernet
  • Manages VRF systems with up to 80 indoor units and 16 outdoor units
  • Automatically detects indoor units and quickly register them in the system
  • QR code scan for simple configuration


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