What is FrostWash technology?

Introducing FrostWash. Air like never before.

In the centre of an indoor air conditioning unit is the heat exchanger. Air constantly flows over the heat exchanger, which is where dust particles and bacteria accumulate the most. Over time, this can lead to mold and odors which may affect your unit’s performance and reduce air quality. Regular cleaning of the heat exchanger is the key for better quality air.


That’s the idea behind Hitachi FrostWash, an innovative new technology that ensures the air in your home is always fresh, clean and comfortable.


FrostWash’s unique self-cleaning operation freezes moisture that collects on the heat exchanger. The frost is then melted and flushed hygienically away, taking the dust and dirt with it.


First introduced exclusively in Japan, FrostWash has received an overwhelmingly positive response from customers. Over 90% of premium model customers considered the feature to be highly beneficial and following this success, FrostWash technology has now been introduced to the global market (including Australia).


* Results based on FrostWash test report conducted by Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Science based on RAS/RAC-S35YHAB.
* Test no. 2017_40194 : anti-bacterial & anti-mould effects when operating FrostWash four times.



The difference is in the details.

After every 200 hours of operation, an LED light on your indoor unit lets you know that it’s time to activate the FrostWash function.


Setting Automatic Mode on the S-Series wallmounted system will detect when the room is unoccupied and activates the FrostWash self-cleaning process when the air conditioner is switched off.


A sensor checks the humidity level before starting FrostWash to prevent the accumulation of water droplets and dew. If the humidity level is too high, dry operation is selected.


FrostWash works behind the scenes (with a suite of other innovative features) to help keep the air in your home, cleaner, fresher and more comfortable all year round.


Looking out for you.

Because the interior spaces where you live are constantly changing, Hitachi air conditioners are designed to adapt to your requirements. An intelligent sensor system monitors the room for human activity and heat sources and adjusts the airflow and temperature accordingly.


Combined with Eco-Mode operation for more efficient energy use, this system ensures that comfortable air will always be delivered when it’s needed and not wasted where it’s not required.


Even when you’re away from home, you’ll still have complete control of your home climate at your fingertips, with an intuitive smartphone application, allowing you to remotely manage your unit’s functions.



Discreet looks, refined powerful performance.

Hitachi air conditioners are designed to work in harmony with almost any interior environment, but behind the sleek lines, lie the power of Vector DC Inverters. The inverters monitor compressor behavior and continually adjust the rotation speed for smoother, more consistent performance and power.


Not only does this help maintain a comfortable room temperature, it can also considerably reduce your energy consumption. Even during a power fluctuation, it continues stable operation and in the event of a power blackout, your unit will reboot back to its last setting.



Uniquely, Hitachi Cooling and Heating.

For over 60 years, our designers and engineers have been constantly pursuing new ideas and technologies to help improve air quality for our customers.


Developed in our Research and Design Centre in Tochigi, Japan, Hitachi technology can be found all over the world. From vast urban landscapes to quiet neighborhood enclaves, you will find Hitachi Cooling and Heating air conditioning systems, quietly and efficiently helping to create ideal indoor climates for homes just like yours.

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