HVAC integration for Building Management Systems (BMS)

Connect Hitachi HVAC units to your BMS/BEMS* via our range of gateways to synchronise cooling/heating operation with other building equipment.

Integration to BMS_0

Wide building size & protocol compatibility

Our gateways matches the most popular protocols in the market, such as BacNetTM, LonWorks®, KNX® and ModBus® to establish seamless communication between the Hitachi cooling systems and the BEMS interface.

With diverse connection capacities, our gateways can complement the existing systems of different sizes of buildings.
Integration to BMS_1

Adjust comfort to suit each room’s needs

From their BEMS, facility manager can modify at any time the operation of the desired AC units. They can optimize the temperature and fan speed to ensure that each room receives the cooling/heating required. To optimize energy savings, the AC can be synchronized with other equipment to automatically power off when the room is unoccupied, reducing unnecessary cooling or heating.
Integration to BMS_2

Building Management Systems are easy to install thanks to H-Link

Connect the Gateway on Hitachi H-LINK wiring. H-LINK is particularly flexible. The connection can be established at any point, so installers can opt for the fastest route. Hitachi VRF systems are directly based on H-LINK. Other Commercial AC Systems - like PRIMAIRY can be added with a H-LINK adapter[1].
Integration to BMS_3

Combine with airCloud Pro for cloud-based control

Depending on your organization’s routine, facility managers can combine BEMS with airCloud Pro cloud-based management tool, to receive AC error event information on their phone 24/7.

Additional Benefits:

Certified compatibility[2]
Error codes
Display Hitachi AC error codes in the BMS: enabling equipment managers to diagnose faults more quickly

Program the AC operation from within the BMS system, so buildings can be pre-cooled or pre-heated before regular opening hours
Set restrictions[2]
Restrict the temperature setpoint range from within the BMS system to prevent excessive cooling or heating temperatures


*BEMS or BMS: Building (Energy) Management System
[1] Confirm H-LINK adapter compatibility and availability with your local Hitachi Cooling & Heating representative.
[2] For compatibility of individual features refer to information on individual BMS gateway products

BACnet™ is a trademark of ASHRAE.
LonWorks® is a registered trademark of Echelon Corporation.
KNX® is a registered trademark of KNX Association cvba.
Modbus® is a registered trademark of Schneider Electric USA, Inc.