airCloud Pro VRF Multi Site Management

Web Browser & Phone App Remote Management

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airCloud Pro VRF Multi Site Management

Web Browser & Phone App Remote Management

Designed to make your job easier, airCloud Pro is an intuitive app that anyone can use. Manage your commercial air conditioning systems with ease. Compatible with: VRF Systems, VRF Mini Systems & SideSmart VRF Systems.
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Multi-site & commercial AC management made easier than ever

airCloud Pro is a game-changing solution, to control and check the status of an unlimited number of AC systems at a glance.

The ultimate tool for beginners or experts:
• Busy business owners who are often on-the-go
• Building managers responsible for occupants’ comfort
• Equipment & maintenance managers supervising multiple sites

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Ideal for all types of venues

Any venue with multi-unit VRF systems can benefit from airCloud Pro
• Office space
• School and universities
• Factories and industrial facilities
• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Retail shops
• Restaurants and cafes
• Multi-tenant buildings

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Simplified Troubleshooting

Monitor your commercial VRF sites from anywhere with:

 ► Easy-to-understand error lists and codes
 ► Searchable error history
 ► Filter cleaning reminder
 ► Malfunction push notification directly sent to smartphones
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4G Module - Available Early 2021

airCloud Pro gateways can be connected via ethernet or using a Hitachi 4G modem if access through the building network is not possible.
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Optimise AC operations

► Enhanced comfort for occupants
► Modify temperature, fan speed, and louvre direction
► Create schedules, plan repetitions, and/or exceptions
► Lock indoor units’ individual controllers
► For all functions: easy selection of target zones/indoor units
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Compact, yet powerful gateway

At only 138W X 200H X 41D mm, the airCloud Pro gateway is extremely compact.

Each gateway enables connection to 16 VRF outdoor units and 80 indoor units. The gateway can be connected via LAN, Ethernet, or 4G.

airCloud Pro Training Resources

The airCloud Gateway is easy to install and quick to configure. Training Videos are available for download, including airCloud Pro installation and setup. 

Refer to our downloads section below or visit our airCloud Pro Resources page to view these resources.
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Adjust the temperature in your building(s) in real time

Monitor the live settings of the air conditioning, per individual unit, zone or complete system. In order to improve the comfort levels, you can modify the temperature setpoint, fan speed and air conditioning mode.

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Stay informed about errors and malfunctions

Errors are immediately notified in case of air conditioner malfunction.

An error code and description are displayed, assisting the HVAC equipment manager in taking the right action. Users can also export and share the error information (with unlimited history) for efficient teamwork.

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Detects which indoor units requires filter cleaning

airCloud Pro tells you when it’s time to clean the filter of your indoor units, reducing the need to manually inspect filters.

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Set an AC schedule with airCloud Pro

Setting an AC schedule has never been so easy. Users can select the target zones, days and time slots, and temperature setpoints in a few steps.
• Precool/preheat the venue before opening hours, to ensure a welcoming atmosphere
• Cut AC operation during vacant times to save energy.
• In addition to the weekly routine, the ‘special day’ program can be set for specific dates.

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Complete energy data with no need to install extra equipment

airCloud Pro provides a detailed estimate energy consumption.
• Comparison between zones
• Comparison between selectable periods of time
• Identification of the most-consuming units in your system(s)

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Plug & play installation of the airCloud Pro Gateway

To connect the AC equipment to the cloud, install the airCloud Pro gateway on your H-LINK wiring network.

Connection can be done by LAN/Ethernet or 3G/4G module*.


*Available as an accessory in some regions.


[*1] airCloud Pro connects to Hitachi H-LINK by airCloud Pro Gateway.
Hitachi VRF systems - including air365 SideSmart, air365 Max and SetFree Sigma - are compatible as they use H-LINK by default. Other types of Hitachi air conditioners might require a H-LINK adapter.

Confirm the compatibility of your Hitachi air conditioning equipment with your Hitachi Cooling & Heating representative. 

Other Benefits

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Customizable zone names
Edit and customize all the unit and zones names for instant recognition
airCloud Pro VRF Multi Site Management_benefits
Lock of room controllers
Easily prevent misuse by building occupants by locking individual remote controllers of each room either entirely or partially, directly from the cloud-based AC control app.
airCloud Pro VRF Multi Site Management_benefits
Multi-language interface AC app
Operate airCloud app in your preferred language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, Germany, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish
airCloud Pro VRF Multi Site Management_benefits
No wifi needed
The airCloud Pro gateway links Hitachi H-LINK systems to the cloud via Ethernet/LAN. Alternative 3G/4G module is available in selection regions.