SideSmart™ Slim Modular VRF

Modular Side Flow Heat Pump VRF

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SideSmart™ Slim Modular VRF

Modular Side Flow Heat Pump VRF

The World’s First slim modular VRF unit. Adapts to your space and capacity needs.
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Save on Space Without Sacrificing Performance

A first in the sector, the SideSmart™ VRF unit is an exclusive concept (for which measurements start from 1650×1050×420mm) it is the ideal choice for projects of all sizes, especially those with limited space.

Its modularity means that up to 4 outdoor units can be connected, offering a maximum combined cooling capacity of 152 kW. Thanks to its slim, modular concept, larger capacity air conditioning can be achieved almost anywhere, making Hitachi SideSmart one of the most versatile VRF units on the market.
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Installation Combinations

Being a lighter unit, SideSmart™ presents fewer complications during delivery and installation. Choose from the Premium combination that has a maximum capacity of 152kW or the Standard combination, which has a cooling capacity range from 22.kW (single module) to 152kW (combination of modules).

The Premium combination provides improved running costs with a COP average of 4.71, while the Standard combination offers larger air conditioning capacities without utilising extra space.

The fans on the SideSmart outdoor units are capable of operating against external resistance of up to 60Pa, meaning that the outdoor unit can be used as either free blowing units or behind louvres and in utility rooms, so you can optimise the system design. This helps reduce the length of piping between indoor and outdoor units, increasing efficiency and freeing the rooftop of air conditioning equipment.
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Packed with Cutting Edge Technology

Inside the unit, exclusive Hitachi Cooling & Heating technology ensures that SideSmart performs at the highest level of Hitachi efficiency.

To support increased capacity despite being slim, components like the motor-clamp and fan outlets help improve performance by reducing air-way ventilation resistance.

It also has SmoothDrive incorporated into the system, our exclusive scroll compressor technology, that helps each indoor unit to operate at optimal efficiency especially at partial loads and minimises energy wasteage. Another advantage of SideSmart is its ability to reduce the overall refrigerant volume required.
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Durable and Easy to Maintain

For module combination types, both the outdoor unit’s scroll compressor rotation tech and its back-up function reduce the risk of breakdowns and system failures.

Also to make it easier to attend to any issues or general checks, to provide quick access to the service panel, all screws are located on the front panel.

Combine the outdoor unit with accessories like Protection Net or our optional Wire-Kit to improve the unit’s safety at the time of installation and maintenance.

VRF System Management made easy with airCloud Pro

Enjoy the freedom of remote access to manage your VRF system(s) from a single interface, accessible via a smartphone app or web-based portal on a computer.

Hitachi airCloud Pro enables building owners and facilitators to monitor and control their commercial heating and cooling air conditioning system(s) through the Cloud via an IoT gateway device. This multiplatform application offers a centralised control overview of any building’s HVAC system.

Find out more about airCloud Pro here.


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