Hitachi offers quality multi-split AC systems, suitable for cooling or heating multiple rooms in both mid-sized and small homes.

Experience comfort with Hitachi’s multi-split AC systems

Hitachi’s multi-split AC system is a practical and affordable solution for homeowners looking to install air conditioning in multiple rooms, while using just one outdoor unit. Choose from different wall mounted units with varying features to match your needs.


Free up more outdoor space with multi-split AC system

You can connect up to 5 indoor units to just one outdoor unit, reducing the need to place equipment outside your home or balcony. Compared to using multiple single-split systems (which require an outdoor unit for each indoor AC unit), multi-split systems free up more space and keeps your home exterior clutter-free. The multi-splits system is an excellent choice that eliminates the hassle and extra cost associated with installing multiple single-split systems

Breathe healthier air with our air purifying ACs

Our indoor units come with air-purifying features to improve your indoor air quality. The PM2.5 Air Purifying Filter reduces the instance of PM2.5 particles by 99%[1]. Working together with the Stainless Pre-filter, these 2 layers of filtration are 99% effective on inhibiting bacteria[2], 95% on allergens[3], and also have significant anti-mold[4], and deodorizing properties.

Control your multi-split AC system from anywhere

Experience the convenience of operating your AC from anywhere. You can use our airCloud Go app to control all aspects of the AC operation and access advanced functions such as viewing your energy consumption.Connect with a compatible smart speaker for voice-activated commands.

Additional benefits at a glance

Remove humidity
Activate Dry Mode to remove humidity from a room without having to cool it.
Central control
Central control from a physical controller or smartphone app
Eco Mode
Automatically switch off the AC when nobody has been in the room for some time[5], saving energy costs


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[1] Both "PM2.5 Wasabi Air Purifying Filter" and "Stainless Pre-filter" attached on an indoor unit. Test was done with continuous cooling operation with setting at high fan speed of RAS-VX24CJT / RAS-VJ24CLT. Test Method : JEM1467 (The Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association) Test was conducted in a room with a size of 25m3.
[2] Tested by University Putra Malaysia, Test Method: JIS Z2801:2000.
[3] Tested by International Medical Malaysia. Test Method : 6-hours ELIZA Assay using dust mite allergen
[4] Tested by Nanopac Testing Lab. Test Method : Comparison of 2 slices of bread in separate acrylic chambers, with and without Nano Titanium Wasabi Solution for 2 Weeks. No mold grown on the bread with Nano Titanium Wasabi Solution while bread without were covered with mold.
[5] Available in selected indoor units