AVSY Series

Air-Cooled Scroll Modular VSD Chiller

AVSY Series

Air-Cooled Scroll Modular VSD Chiller

AVSY series chiller, our Modular Air-cooled Inverter Scroll type, is an excellent choice for medium to large spaces that require reliable and flexible cooling solutions. These units are designed to provide unparalleled cooling power, with the flexibility to connect up to 16 units into a single system, and a wide range of total capacity. Enjoy the ultimate in flexibility and control, with the ability to adjust capacity in response to changing needs. Upgrade to AVSY Series for a customizable and reliable cooling solution, perfectly tailored to your unique needs.

Efficient design with precise capacity control

With up to COP 3.0 and IPLV up to 6.06 the units feature Hitachi’s proprietary DC Inverter Scroll Compressor with intelligent VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) control logic, which delivers stepless capacity control from 25% to 100% capacity, with 500 steps of flow resolution enabling precise capacity matching for building loads and reducing the unit's power input. Select models are reversible, and so can also provide heating with Heating COP up to 2.93.

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Space-saving with flexible installation & maintenance

Air-Cooled Modular Inverter Chillers do not require a chiller plant room or condenser side piping so can be placed on rooftops. They have a footprint starting from just 1.37*1.2m and requiring only 0.5m gap between units. Up to 16 units can be combined in flexible layouts from “L” shape for corner spaces to “U”, “T” or “Z” shape placement around rooftop obstacles and can be scaled from just 65kW to 2,064kW capacity.
Because each individual unit function independently others within the modular system, so if one is being serviced, others can run as normal without impacting overall system operation.

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"U-shaped” air-side heat exchanger

Ensure enhanced heat transfer via multi-way air inlet design that’s designed in a U-shape to increase heat exchange area and minimize unit footprint. Internal threads in each copper tube increases internal turbulence and therefore heat transfer area further, while an integrated drain pan is set at the bottom of the heat exchanger to facilitate drainage.

Wide temperature adjustment range

Variable Speed Water-Cooled Chillers can work with a wide range of water temperatures, maximizing efficiency in different climates and loading factors. Supports chilled water output from 4-15°C with 0.5°C adjustment accuracy. Supports condenser output range from 22-40°C.

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Heating & cooling in any weather

Air-Cooled Modular Inverter Chillers can operate in ambient temperatures from -15C (or -25C for Low Ambient model) to 43C and include a smart defrosting mode for cold climates.

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Optimized Control Logic

Automatically adjusts number of units operating in multi-unit modular configurations so that there is even wear across all units, and to ensure maximum efficiency under part load conditions. Each individual unit can be programmed or automated to come online and take load or go offline (shed load) at different speeds according to the needs of the building. Each unit includes a 4.3” color control panel and remote management options via ModBus/RS-485 communication module.


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