MBD Series

Modular Air Handling Unit

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MBD Series

Modular Air Handling Unit

MBD Series modular AHUs are designed to provide enhanced air quality, humidity and temperature control with chiller systems. The modular design allows different specialized air handling modules to be combined based on the needs of the building, environment and use of the space.
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Patented double skin design

A patented double skin prevents cold or heat leakage, isolating the internal and external metal casings by fixing the internal casing directly to a polyurethane foam layer which is available in 3 levels of thickness – 25mm, 35mm and 50mm.

Every module has a sub pressure access door which opens outwards and a positive access door which opens inwards, so there is no cold bridge and air leakage of positive pressure and sub pressure sections.

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Dynamically balanced fans

Utilizing our engineering software selection program, low noise fans can be selected accordance to the number and configuration of modules used in the AHU. Fan housing and fixings are galvanized and anti-static belt drives are provided. Fan motors are totally enclosed and installed on the side rail for convenient belt adjustment, and are connected to the casing through anti-vibration mounts.

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