MCR Series

Ceiling Conceal Fan Coil Unit

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MCR Series

Ceiling Conceal Fan Coil Unit

The ceiling concealed fan coil unit model is built with up to 50Pa of available static pressure to handle high external static pressure. The unit offers multiple capacity options and seamlessly blends into any interior space.
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Comprehensive range offering installation flexibility

With a comprehensive range of various capacity sizes and coil arrangements, our lineup offers a selection of 2 Rows, 3 Rows, 3 Rows 4 Pipes, and 4 Rows 4 Pipes. In addition to that, the "dry type" and "big temperature difference type" are also available under this lineup. Our offerings are tailored to provide a solution that precisely suits your requirements.

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Low noise and high efficiency

Our ceiling concealed fan coils are fitted with a DC brushless motor (3 Rows type), offering remarkable energy efficiency. The model is equipped with a multiple-blade forward-curved centrifugal impeller, which ensures better balance, lower noise, and quiet operation.

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Dry type and large temperature difference type available

The MCR series offers both "dry type" and "large temperature difference type" fan coils. These two types can save the energy of water condensed by changing the serpentine; the selection is based on sensible heating, which can decrease the energy consumption of the chiller and the entire system in the thermal moisture control system.

Aditional Benefits

Ease of installation
The flow and return pipe connections are situated on the same side of the unit as standard, creating easy access to piping.

Efficient, durable heat exchanger
Heat-exchanger constructed using seamless copper tube with mechanically bonded aluminum fins – durable, cool and heat efficiently.

Maintenance free
Enclosed ball bearing for a long lifespan and reliability.


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