Gear Driven VSD Centrifugal Chiller


Gear Driven VSD Centrifugal Chiller

The GFG/GXG/GSG-SIT series, our high-efficiency inverter-controlled gear-driven centrifugal chillers, enable year-round energy-saving operation by utilizing variable motor speed control with an inverter unit. This improves partial load efficiency, particularly under low cooling water temperature conditions during off-peak seasons.

Energy-saving centrifugal chiller with high COP

The GFG/GXG/GSG-SIT Series of chillers from Hitachi maintain stable operation even at extremely low cooling water temperatures. With the ability to adjust compressor speed according to seasonal changes in cooling water temperature, these chillers operate with high efficiency throughout the year. Hitachi's energy-saving chillers are ideal for customers seeking year-round cooling operations and a high Coefficient of Performance.


Chiller system with excellent COP at partial load

Our centrifugal chiller system's efficiency has been significantly improved at partial load and low cooling water temperatures thanks to cutting-edge technologies, including the newly developed high-efficiency economizer (cyclonic system). The oil supply temperature control has also been enhanced, along with automatic oil recovery, enabling an extension of the motor speed control range even at low cooling water inlet temperatures.


Improvements to the chiller's Oil Supply Temperature Control

When the chiller centrifugal compressor's rotation speed is low, the amount of friction heat generated at the bearings decreases. As a result, the refrigerant flow to the oil cooler is controlled to maintain the oil temperature at the appropriate level.

Power-efficient chiller with saving operations functions

“Eco Mode” Operation (Chilled Water Inlet Temp. Control)
The chiller is usually controlled so the chilled water outlet temperature to be constant. This ""Eco Mode"" operation introduces the inlet temperature control, where the chilled water inlet temperature is controlled to be constant. The outlet temperature rises a bit but this is enough for the off-peak season air conditioning.

“Energy Saving Mode” Operation (Peak Cut Operation) (option)
Once the target motor power consumption is set, the chiller is automatically controlled by the motor speed, the inlet guide vane opening and the chilled water outlet temperature rise. This control is extremely useful for the energy saving especially in the off-peak season when the motor speed is easily decreased.

Cooling Water Variable Flow Operation (option)
When the cooling water variable flow control is applied, the cooling water flow rate is automatically calculated so the total power consumption of the compressor motor and the cooling water pump motor becomes minimum.


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