Ducted Inverter

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Ducted Inverter

Compact, comprehensive and competent cooling for the enterprise. Direct a refreshing breeze to every corner of your workspace with an optimised efficiency-to-cost ratio.
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Energy Efficiency

A high energy efficiency rating ensures that you can maintain optimised cooling all day long, ensuring comfort comes at an affordable cost.
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Built-In Drain Pan

A departure from more conventional outdoor designs, the internally installed drain pan reduces dust adhesion and further prevents risks of leakage.
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Flexible Intakes

Air intakes at the bottom and rear of the unit provides more options for installation.
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Flexible Installation

An allowance of 50m for piping and 30m for height installations gives most businesses immense flexibility for installations. Note: Kindly refer to the catalogue for the allowable piping length for each model.
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Wide Temperature Range

Whether it’s a heat wave or chilly thunderstorm outside, our wide ambient temperature range provides unparalleled control over indoor temperature – from -15°C to 48°C.


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