Primairy Inverter AC

Light Commercial Split System Heat Pump and Cooling Only

Primairy Inverter AC

Light Commercial Split System Heat Pump and Cooling Only

PRIMAIRY inverter is an air system series designed to address the typical comfort needs of small business owners and people living and working in small to medium-sized premises.

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Outdoor Units

Indoor Units

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Wide ambient temperature range

Equipped with high efficiency compressors, PRIMAIRY offers powerful cooling and heating performance within a wide ambient temperature range, so its settings can be configured to handle any local profile.

  • Heat Pump (Cooling mode): -15 ~ 48℃

  • Heat Pump (Heating mode): -15 ~ 24℃

  • Cooling Only: -15- 48°C

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Guaranteed comfort anywhere in your space

Experience optimal comfort with PRIMAIRY, designed to manage the air around you. Customizable fan speeds, including quiet mode, satisfy varying airflow requirements. The outdoor DC motor 16-steps automatic adjustments reduce fan speed and noise levels for ultimate relaxation. Choose PRIMAIRY for versatile airflow control, with an impressive reduction in decibels.

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High efficiency Operation

Experience the reliability and efficiency of our high-efficiency inverter AC units, featuring a DC fan motor that adjusts fan speed and ESP automatically. Coupled with a high-efficiency fin & heat exchanger, these units operate smoothly and quietly, providing excellent cooling and heating performance.

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Flexible and Convenient AC system

To accommodate your space, flexible piping is available; up to 50m in length can be utilized when the unit is being installed, going up to 30m in height, depending on your needs. Additionally, the flexibility of the piping ensures that it can be easily installed, even in tricky or hard-to-reach areas.

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Prevention and Protection system

The hydrophilic aluminum coating on the heat exchanger not only prevents water and mineral deposits but also ensures long-term energy efficiency with easy maintenance. The smart defrost software and an additional defrost sensor accurately control the defrost cycle, eliminating any defrost delay, translating to lower maintenance costs.

Wide choice and flexibility indoor units loved by designers and installers

Light Commercial systems have a wide choice of indoor units, including Cassette, Ducted units and floor/ceiling covertable units.


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Inventor of the 4-way cassette

For decades, light commercial split systems relied solely on floor-standing units which tended to result in drafts and uneven air distribution. In 1984, Hitachi pioneered the 4-way cassette, enhancing air flow in open-concept offices, stores, and commercial areas, including those with elevated ceilings.
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2 different grid sizes

Currently, Hitachi's lineup of 4-way cassettes for light commercial split systems can be found in meeting rooms, restaurants, open plan offices, retail stores and galleries all over the world. Our current range come in 2 different physical sizes, each designed to fit a standard ceiling grid, and they can be easily incorporated between light panels and other overhead fixtures.
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Wide airflow distribution & easy maintenance

Louvres can be opened up to 90° ensure a wide angle of possible air flow paths. Meanwhile, the integrated filter can be removed and washed in minutes without needing to be a qualified HVAC technician.
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Affordably integrate 1-way ventilation

A Fresh Air Inlet port enables outdoor air to be sucked into the unit and mixed with the conditioned airstream; an effective and low-cost way to introduce basic one-way ventilation to a commercial space, by simply connecting piping from the unit to the outdoors.
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Temperature compensation for high ceilings

When installing in high ceilings above 2.5m, building managers can easily implement a temperature compensation mode using the optional wired room controller. This avoids the problem of inaccurate room temperature sensing when the cassette unit is high above floor level.


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Integrates with the interior design of any space

Ducted units for small commercial split systems are available in a range of capacities and sizes, and are ideal for architects, interior designers, HVAC specialists and businesses looking for a way to integrate air conditioning discreetly into ceiling plenums. In fact, any space with a focus on design aesthetics – premium offices, hotels, lounges, restaurants & bars – will want to consider a ducted solution because the equipment is effectively hidden in the ceiling.
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One unit, multiple air vents

A single ducted unit can be installed and connected to multiple air outlets, improving air distribution and potentially reducing capital investment as neighboring spaces could share a single unit with adequate capacity. Adjustable ESP (External Static Pressure) from 0-120Pa depending on model, supports multiple air outlets from a single unit, and ensures there is enough air pressure to navigate corners and turns in the ductwork.
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Compact design

From just 190mm height, the sleek design reduces the gap between the cement and the suspended ceiling, commonly termed the 'ceiling plenum' or 'false ceiling', maximizing the vertical space in the room. The air intake can be linked either from below or the rear of the unit, offering added versatility in room configuration and setup.
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Drainage Protection System prevents condensation damage.

The design of the integrated drain pan allows condensation water to flow smoothly without leakage and prevent rust. If the drainpipe becomes clogged the unit will be automatically disabled to prevent water leakage.
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Silent operation

Our ultra-quiet ducted units have a noise range starting from just 26dB-33dB on our smallest units (from low to high fan speeds), meaning that even in very quiet spaces the air conditioning would be hardly audible.

Floor/Ceiling Convertible

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One unit, multiple uses

Because it can be fixed on the floor or suspended from a ceiling, it simplifies purchasing and installation by using a common unit type for different rooms and installation scenarios. Ideal for businesses looking to minimize installation costs, and don’t mind having a suspended unit visible in the ceiling or mounted to the floor, or for buildings where there is no suitable ceiling cavity to install ducted or cassette units.
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Ceiling installation

Ideal for med-sized open-plan offices, classrooms, restaurants, or any other open space with a lot of furniture at ground level – by distributing air from the ceiling these units can provide effective and even coverage across a room.
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Floor installation

Perfect for small offices, shops and studios that lack empty wall space above waist height, in floor mode the unit projects conditioned air out of the top, while taking returned air in the side. It is also popular for loft and attic spaces converted to commercial use, where there is no available ceiling space and even wall space is limited.
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Protection from condensation

The integrated drain pan uses high-strength steel and a composite foam to improve the thermal insulation and anti-condensation properties of the unit.
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Affordably integrate 1-way ventilation

Fresh Air Inlet port enables a pipe to the outside of the building to be connected, sucking in outdoor air and mixing with the conditioned airstream; an effective and low-cost way to introduce basic one-way ventilation to a commercial space.
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Low vibration & noise

Moulded plastic fan housing ensures rigidity and therefore reduces vibration and noise caused by the fan.


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