4-Way Cassette Type

VRF 4-way Cassette Unit

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4-Way Cassette Type

VRF 4-way Cassette Unit

Our 4-way Cassette indoor unit is the ideal solution for large, open plan areas where you demand everything: energy-efficient operation, comfort for everyone, visual aesthetics, and reasonable initial installation costs. Whether installed in a false dropped ceiling or exposed ceiling, our unit delivers maximum performance. It is perfect for use in offices, hospitals, and any setting where there is high traffic and a need for optimal comfort.
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Variations of 4-way cassette

We offer a range of 4-way cassette indoor unit with various panel options to suits your needs.

  • Normal cassette panel (White)

  • Normal cassette panel with different colors (Beige, Grey, Black)

  • Silent-Iconic, 4-way design panel (White and Black) to meet the best balance between visual aesthetics and installation cost

  • Twin-sense panel for better comfort & energy-saving operation

  • With optional ViroSense Z2 filter to help reduce the risk of secondary infection especially by SARS-CoV-2

  • Standard ViroSense S filter with Ion purification feature for cleaner indoor environment

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The 4-way Cassette type can work in the smartest way to save your energy automatically.
- Motion sensor for better energy saving: The optional motion sensor provides a wide detection area, which can automatically take care of better energy saving by cutting wasted energy when no one is nearby the unit.

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Ease of installation

Installers can save installation time with multiple features to ease their work.

  • Standardized drain condensate pump kit with 850mm lift: Even in tough installation conditions, you can install the condensate piping more easily with the DC motor pump with 850mm lift from the surface of a false dropped ceiling. Additionally, the transparent drainage piping allows for visible water flow.

  • Easy fresh air intake: The unit has a prepared hole with a diameter of φ75mm for duct connection.

Compatible with round and square ducts: Both round and square ducts can be attached to the unit.


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Silent-Iconic (Design Panel)

The Silent-Iconic panel is a multiple world-famous design-award winning product that offers a new option for design-orientated buildings.

  • Traditionally, ducted-concealed style indoor units have been preferred as they are visually less disruptive and easier to integrate. However, the Silent-Iconic cassette offers a ""visually silent"" option that does not interfere with the look and feel of the interior.

  • This innovative design adjustment of flaps and air-inlet has been recognized with the iF Design Award 2020 in the Product discipline, which is one of the most prestigious competitions held by iF International Forum Design GmbH that recognizes design excellence


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Energy Efficient

Optional motion sensors track movement across a maximum of 8 metres, automatically adjusting performance as required.
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Individual 4-Way Louvers

Internal louver mechanism enables airflow to be channelled downward or horizontally in four separate directions. Place in a central location for wide coverage.
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High Ceiling Space

Capable of being mounted at a maximum ceiling height of 5.5 metres, delivering optimum cooling even in large spaces like showrooms.

What our customers say?

"The air conditioning is soft, not direct… it’s enveloping. This is excellence"
Sergio and Javier Torres

Learn more about Cocina Hermanos Torres project


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