VRF Ducted Indoor

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VRF Ducted Indoor

Easily installed, highly discreet ducted units for consistent high-powered cooling all year round. Available in 3 different external static pressure range for selection
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Multiple Air Inlets

Inlets placed at the rear and bottom of the unit ensures uninterrupted airflow that leads to consistent cooling.
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External Static Pressure

Get the right ESP model to meet your site’s requirements. • High ESP – features 90/120Pa for 3.0-6.0 models, 180Pa for 8.0-10.0 models. The right level of performance for sprawling cooling systems. • 2 steps of medium ESP – features 50/80Pa for 0.8-2.5 models, 100Pa for 8.0-10.0 models. Suitable for mass levels of cooling.
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Adjustable Fan Speeds

Fan motors come pre-built with three speeds, allowing painless adjustment of air pressure for continued performance.

What our customers say?

“It’s important that the air conditioning reaches the guests without disrupting the cooking”
Sergio and Javier Torres, chefs and restaurant owners

Learn more about Cocina Hermanos Torres project


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