Top Flow VRF Set Free Ʃ

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Top Flow VRF Set Free Ʃ

Be in complete control of every environment and space within your building. Establish a comprehensive and dynamic cooling infrastructure with VRF Set Free Ʃ System.
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Comprehensive Cooling

Whether it’s a large industrial complex or a high-rise building, the VRF Set Free Ʃ is designed to bridge the distance, with an operational range of 110 metres between the furthest outdoor and indoor unit.
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Greater Efficiency

The VRF Set Free Ʃ system is redesigned from the ground-up, incorporating more precise compressors, efficient heat exchangers and improved airflow – giving it recognised international certifications when it comes to energy efficiencies.
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Flexible Integration

Through the unique H-Link communication system, businesses can seamlessly integrate the full range of Hitachi cooling solutions to meet the unique needs of each environment.


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