Samurai Chiller

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Samurai Chiller

Designed for Retrofitting & Refurbishment Projects
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Air Cooled Hi Efficiency

The HITACHI Samurai range incorporates a new twin screw compressor optimized for R134a refrigerant and the latest development of HITACHI’s screw compressor technology with the HITACHI’s Infinity Capacity Control from 25% to 100%.
With this modulation, the compressor load is always matching with the requested load, and thus accurate chilled water temperature is achieved without expensive inverter devices.
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Water Cooled Hi Efficiency

Combinations of “Infinite capacity control compressor” and “HITACHI’s unique electronic controls” enable the Chiller to control outlet water temperature precisely, independent of cooling load.
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Condenserless Hi Efficiency

HITACHI’s Samurai Modular Chiller range you can specify your exact project requirements by configuring a chiller with 1 or up to 8 modules.




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