Side Flow VRF Set Free Mini

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Side Flow VRF Set Free Mini

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Design for tomorrow's urban spaces

Set Free mini outdoor units have a simple yet stylish design that does not mar the urban appearance. At the same time, since a powerful and compact unit runs multiple indoor units, it meets urban needs and the expectations of uners who are concerned about the appearance of their surroundings.
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Hitachi Mini VRF Set Free HNRQ & HNSKQ series

Hitachi Cooling & Heating offers you a number of options that help enhance the aesthetics of your building
- Fashionable outdoor and indoor unit apprearance
- Large capacity outdoor unit saves installation space

Higher performance
- Higher performance in both EER and COP
- Low standby power consumption design

Design flexibility
- Piping flexibility
- High external pressure of outdoor unit
- Wide indoor unit combination
- Small body with large capacity


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