Scroll Compressor

Also known as spiral compressor, the scroll compressor is a component of air conditioning systems that performs compression by displacement of air or refrigerant liquid. They are used in applications like transport and retail display cases.

The scroll compressor is a crucial component of air conditioning systems. It operates like a pump to circulate refrigerant around the system, and plays a vital role in the process of transforming refrigerant from liquid to gas. This type of compressor is also known as a spiral compressor and is responsible for ensuring smooth and efficient operation of air conditioning units. Its unique design, with a spiraling motion, enables it to generate high pressure and flow rates, making it an essential component of modern air conditioning systems.

It is composed of two spirals (scrolls), one fixed and one mobile. The scrolls compress the refrigerant and increase its pressure to make it liquid and pass it to the condenser.

This type of compressor facilitates low consumption and energy savings due to its higher volumetric displacement capacity. They also allow working with low noise and vibration levels.