Cooling for restaurant

An experience to be savoured
An experience to be savoured

Elevate the dining experience

The dining experience starts before your patrons enter your restaurant and ensuring that they are greeted by a pleasant ambience is your first step in delivering excellence. Within our extensive range of climate control solutions, compact and stylish indoor units give you complete control of your premise’s environment, while reliable outdoor units deliver consistent comfort.

Restaurants are spaces where comfort is a priority, no matter the time of day, the outdoor conditions or how busy it is. Our VRF systems are the ideal solution for places that are open plan or with numerous, zones (front of house, bar, dining room and kitchen) each of which require climates that benefit diners and the staff. The range ensures uninterrupted comfort within environments where temperatures and humidity are influenced by staff activity and diner occupancy.

Our VRF range has technology specifically designed to elevate diner comfort: Crowd-Sense* detects increases in customer activity, adjusting the unit’s temperature to maintain optimal comfort. Louvers angled at 15 degrees* avoid direct airflow at your patrons, and units operate with a minimum noise level of XXdb(A) so that the ambience is remembered for other qualities.

The dining experience relies equally on the restaurant design and aesthetics, and our compact and stylish selection of indoor units are available in variety of colors to complement their surroundings and Ducted indoor units in a range of sizes. Award-winning innovations like Silent-Iconic™ transform the classic 4-way cassette into a contemporary feature that blends into ceilings ‘silently’ that offers superior air control.

Take control of your indoor climate’s efficiency with a range of handheld, wireless and IoT controller solutions that let you schedule based on opening hours and schedule a whole system or specific zones, improving energy usage and costs.


*Check for availability in your region

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About Hitachi Cooling & Heating

We have over 80 years of heating and cooling experience and have the restaurant air conditioning technologies for precise control of your business’ indoor climate. Meeting the evolving requirements of our clients means that we are constantly innovating our systems, to offer comfort to both diners and staff. Our collection features units that are elegant, efficient, and reliable that designed to adapt to you, the spaces they inhabit as well as the style. Hitachi Cooling & Heating air conditioners turn an indoor space into a comfortable and healthy space for everyone.

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