Ducted Fixed Speed

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Ducted Fixed Speed

Discreet and minimalist. Offices and retail spaces will find the space efficiency of the ducted range useful when designing ambitious interiors.
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Durable Drainage System

The well-designed drainage system ensures unobstructed flow for condensation, preventing long-term clogging, leakage or rust in the unit.
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Built-In Drain Pan

A departure from more conventional outdoor designs, the internally installed drain pan reduces dust adhesion and further prevents risks of leakage.

Wide Coverage

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Flexible Intakes

Air intakes at the bottom and rear of the unit provide more options for installation.
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Flexible Installation

An allowance of 50m for piping and 30m for height installations gives most businesses immense flexibility for installations.
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Wide Temperature Range

Whether it’s a heat wave or chilly thunderstorm outside, our wide ambient temperature range provides unparalleled control over indoor temperature – from -15°C to 48°C.

What our customers say?

"It’s important that the air conditioning reaches the guests without disrupting the cooking"
Sergio and Javier Torres, chefs and restaurant owners

Learn more about Cocina Hermanos Torres project


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