Total Heat Exchanger

2-way Energy Recovery Ventilation Unit

Total Heat Exchanger

2-way Energy Recovery Ventilation Unit

Hitachi's Total Heat Exchanger is an energy ventilation recovery system that provides a mechanism to bring in fresh outdoor air while expelling stale indoor air, contributing to improved air quality and well-being. The system uses an internal heat exchanger element to mitigate the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air during the exchange process, reducing the load on your air conditioning system and lowering your energy bills. This ERV system distinguishes it from regular ventilation solutions that lack energy recovery capabilities.
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Cost-saving energy exchanger

By replacing your ventilation fan with Hitachi's Energy Recovery Ventilation (Total Heat Exchanger), you can reduce your annual electricity consumption by up to 36%* compared to regular AC operation with just a ventilation fan. The heat recovery system brings the outdoor air to the required indoor temperature.

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ERV system with design flexibility

  • We offer a total of 14 different types of heat exchanger units, ranging from compact units measuring just 220×962×735mm (200m3/hr) to a most extensive energy ventilation recovery unit measuring 1,730×1,700×850mm (5,000 m3/hr). These options allow a single heat recovery unit to cover a large area.

  • Our ventilation units come equipped with a controller as standard, allowing for easy adjustment of the external static pressure.

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An ERV unit that brings you comfort and well-being

  • You can choose between three ERV system operating modes: free ventilation, automatic ventilation, and heat recovery, to maximize air renewal, save energy, and improve air conditioning performance.

  • 2-way ventilation, which involves bringing in fresh air from outside and expelling dirty indoor air, is a central aspect of improving indoor air quality.


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