Ventilasi pembaruan udara

Tingkatkan IAQ dengan mudah dengan solusi ventilasi 1 arah dan 2 arah untuk sistem VRF & split, memastikan manajemen suhu yang tepat dan efisiensi.

Air renewal ventilation_0

Ventilation solutions that are easy for customers to operate

Many ventilation solutions are overly-complex resulting in HVAC systems which become unbalanced, leading to higher energy bills for building operators and businesses, and wasted hardware that doesn’t fulfill it’s job properly. Hitachi’s approach to ventilation is to simplify, integrating control of the ventilation unit with a VRF, commercial split system or chiller using H-LINK wiring, and in many cases, integrating refrigerant piping into the unit to pre-cool or heat the outside air to unify it with the indoor set temperature.