Packaged Air Conditioners

Packaged AC integrates the evaporator and condenser into a single unit. These solutions are specifically designed for medium to large spaces.

Efficient cooling, simplified installation, enhanced comfort

For HVAC and building professionals, Hitachi packaged AC units occupy as little as 1m2 of ground or roof space, enabling simple and fast installation, particularly for projects where existing ducting is already available. The internal layout of the unit has been designed with ease of maintenance in mind, providing ample space to access and service key components. While for business decision makers, the packaged AC systems have been designed to reduce noise output and vibration by using specially designed fans and a new hermetic compressor.

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Excellent choice for Ducted solutions

Packaged AC is an ideal solution for various customers, including clients who want to minimize the visual impact of AC and therefore prefer a ducted solution. It is also suitable for HVAC designers and installers who are working on projects with existing ducting in place, or those who require a simple ducted solution that can be installed on rooftops or at ground level without the need for indoor units.
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Weather-resistant design

The evaporator features ultra-slim coils each with an inner grooved tube provide higher cooling capacity with a lower noise profile, while an insulated indoor compartment effectively eliminates heat loss.
The outer steel casing is glazed with a positive ion electrode coating that protects from rust and corrosion, making it ideal for rooftop placement
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Compressor safeguards built in

The compressor is fitted with a high-pressure switch, a 3-phase overcurrent transformer to protect from electrical surges, a crankcase heater to protect from refrigerate loss when the compressor is not active, protection against excessive superheat/discharge gas temperatures which fatigue components and lead to inefficient operation of the system, and a timer relay system to prevent the compressor from restarting too quickly.
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Packaged AC system units have an easy installation & maintenance

Pre-drilled duct flanges are prepared at both the supply and return duct connection to reduce connection work on-site, while large service spaces and rapidly removable service panels have been provided for easy maintenance.
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Specialist compressors for Packaged AC units

Since inventing the scroll compressor in 1984, Hitachi has been perfecting designs for a range of AC solutions. The version used in our Packaged AC units has to withstand potentially high ambient temperatures while operating in a compact space that’s shared with the evaporator unit. Therefore, it uses an asymmetric involute scroll, increasing the compression space by 20% and reducing heat loss for better efficiency. Oil is supplied by a trochoid-shaped pump to ensure more even lubrication of components, while the design is based on 2 roller bearings increasing strength and reducing efficiency loss that can be caused by even minor vibrations. The refrigerant routing through the compressor has been improved to lower the compressor motor coil temperature for more stable operation even under high-ambient conditions.
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Quiet operation

Noise and vibration have been effectively reduced by the adoption of new hermetic compressor. The direct driven propeller fan is dynamically balanced to ensure smooth airflow. The centrifugal fan and fan casing are optimum shaped for efficient and low noise operation.
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