3 Star Senpai (先輩) series

3 Star airHome Fixed Speed series

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3 Star Senpai (先輩) series

3 Star airHome Fixed Speed series

With the help of our Senpai (先輩) air conditioners, breathe new life into your living areas and turn your home into a cozy sanctuary that you can proudly and adoringly refer to as your own.

Design derived from the roots

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Bigger the unit, greater the cooling and airflow

3 Star Senpai (先輩) series_1

Designed to look Brand New

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The finest standards of design served as inspiration

3 Star Senpai (先輩) series_3

Newly developed architecture to cool every nook and corner

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More fan speed options

The DC Motor in IDU enables in achieving 5 variable fan blower speed, with seamless transition between silent to super high speeds. Reduced noise levels with more fan speed options. 

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Air that does not smell

Odour free air!

Better experience with ergonomic remote design

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