iZen 3400FXL

3 Star Inverter airHome series

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iZen 3400FXL

3 Star Inverter airHome series

iZen 3400FXL is a powerful machine that will keep your worries of maintenance at bay and help you bask in soulful bliss - your Zen mode.

ice Clean (powered by FrostWash) for Clean air cooling

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Why should your AC have clean ice?

Over time, dust builds up on the coil of the indoor unit. Freeze it, Melt it, Clean it - all with the simple push of a button. You can keep your air and air conditioner clean with ice Clean (powered by FrostWash Technology).

ice Clean Benefits

Virus Removal[1]
Bacteria Removal[2]
Mold Removal[3]
Power Saving[4]
Service Cost Saving[5]

Cooling that helps your needs

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What makes an AC with Xpandable+ better choice?

When there are more people in the room, an air conditioner equipped with Xpandable+ technology will automatically increase the compressor RPM (auto xpand), and it will automatically decrease the compressor RPM (auto adjust) when there are fewer people present.

Xpand your comfort with Xpandable+ [6]

Cooling Capacity
Cooling Capacity at 43 ͦC
More Power Savings
Faster Cool Down Time
Higher Humidity Removal
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Long air throw to cool every corner

Thanks to the newly developed architecture, cooling experience is provided to every nook and cranny of the living space.

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Outdoor Unit

Hitachi prioritizes creating technologies that are in harmony with the surroundings. This serves as a catalyst for seamless change with compact, intuitive, insightful and aesthetically superior designs.

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All DC System

The airHome series has a complete DC power system with a DC IDU fan motor, ODU fan motor and DC inverter compressor, providing 10% more efficiency and quieter operation than AC motors.

Experience the premium feeling with new Remote Design

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Recreate your comfort with My Mode

Save your chosen set temperature, fan speed, timer setting, mode, and silent function settings right away with the help of three personalized modes.


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