Air renewal ventilation

Enhance IAQ effortlessly with 1-way and 2-way ventilation solutions for VRF & split systems, ensuring precise temperature management and energy efficie

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Ventilation solutions that are easy for customers to operate

Many ventilation solutions are overly-complex resulting in HVAC systems which become unbalanced, leading to higher energy bills for building operators and businesses, and wasted hardware that doesn’t fulfill it’s job properly. Hitachi’s approach to ventilation is to simplify, integrating control of the ventilation unit with a VRF, commercial split system or chiller using H-LINK wiring, and in many cases, integrating refrigerant piping into the unit to pre-cool or heat the outside air to unify it with the indoor set temperature.
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1-way ventilation units for VRF

Hitachi’s Outside Air Process unit, called "All Fresh Air Unit", is 1-way ventilation ducted unit which brings fresh outdoor air into indoor spaces and is available in a range of capacities. It can pre-cool or heat the outside air using the VRF refrigerant loop and can be controlled from the VRF system using H-LINK wiring. This simplifies operation of the overall HVAC system by unifying the outdoor air to the set temperature of the indoor air without need to operate and balance separate ventilation and AC systems, which in turn means less maintenance issues for businesses.
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2-way ventilation that cuts energy consumption by up to 36%

Hitachi’s Energy Recovery Ventilation, called "Total Heat Exchanger" is a 2-way ventilation solution which uses the energy contained in the air being exhausted from the building to pre-condition the incoming outdoor ventilation air, so that the AC system does not have to work as hard. Compared to using a simple ventilation exhaust fan when running AC, it reduces annual electricity consumption by up to 36%[1] because of the reduced loading on the AC as the air leaving the building is replaced by air already conditioned to the set temperature indoors.
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2-way ventilation designed for VRF or commercial split systems

Because the Total Heat Exchanger does not connect to any refrigerant system to pre-condition the air, it can be used in both VRF and commercial split systems through a ducted connection, and can continue to operate effectively when the AC system is switched off. If integrating with an Hitachi VRF AC system, the control of the ventilation system can be fully integrated with the AC using H-LINK wiring and a CentralStation controller. A range of optional filters can be fitted to the outdoor air suction stream, and an optional CO2 sensor can be installed to enable more precise control of the ventilation based on the levels of CO2 detected in the indoor (exhaust) air stream.


[1] Simulation; Tokyo, operation 8am-18pm, office, 135m2, Indoor temperature 25C, based on weather data Feb 16, 2020, Cooling/Heating operation