airHome 100

Wall Mounted Fixed Speed Cooling Only AC (RAK-AJ-PCASM/RAC-AJ-PCASM)

airHome 100

Wall Mounted Fixed Speed Cooling Only AC (RAK-AJ-PCASM/RAC-AJ-PCASM)

Want a reliable cooling equipment for your home? airHome 100 is a powerful air conditioner you can trust to maintain a pleasant temperature over the years.
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Effectively cools your home, up to 43˚C outdoor

You can rely on airHome 100 to cool down your room and maintain the temperature to your desired levels. Even during hard summers, it is designed to cool effectively by 43˚C outside. ​
For humid but not-so-hot days, you can turn on the AC dry mode to remove the excess humidity and feel fresh at home.

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Up to 18m long airflow

With up to 18m long airflow (1), you can enjoy cooled air from anywhere in the room.​
You can also switch to fan mode to circulate the air, in lieu of using a separate electric fan.​

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Self-cleaning features to preserve the indoor air quality

  • The self clean functionality, helps removing the dirt and contaminants that may grow on the indoor unit’s coil.​

  • After cooling/dry operation, the indoor fan will automatically continue running for 30 seconds, prevent mildew growth.

Six reasons to trust airHome 100 to cool your home

  1. Cooling Anti-Freeze Protection: The indoor coil sensor functions as real time temperature detector of evaporator. It prevents the indoor unit evaporator temperature becoming too low, otherwise the compressor will automatically start protection mode.​

  2. ​Overload Protection: To prevent system overload caused by excessive pressure, the machine will implement real-time detection when outdoor coil temperature is too high during cooling mode.​

  3. ​Exhaust Temperature Protection: To prevent deterioration due to high exhaust temperature of compressor, the machine will realize the real-time detection of the exhaust gas temperature. If the temperature is too high, the compressor provides automatic protection.​

  4. Start-up Protection: To prevent compressor from restarting frequency when the system pressure has not been completely balanced, it can’t be restarted within 3 minutes.​

  5. Pressure Protection: When the pressure increase to a preset value, the pressure switch will automatically protect the units. The compressor will stop and report the fault code protection.

  6. Full metal fireproof electrical enclosure: Electrical parts of indoor and outdoor units are tightly enclosed in a 100% metal box to ensure there is virtually no possibility of fire spreading.

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Splendid indoor unit looks & LED display

With its minimalist esthetics, the airHome 100 can suit any home interior. In addition, during operation, the set temperature can be subtly displayed on the front panel, for instant visualization.

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Essential controls at hand

With the remote controller, you can easily set the AC to your needs. ​

For intense cooling, press ‘Turbo’ to instantly switch to higher fan speed and lower the set temperature to very cool air. You can deactivate ‘Turbo’ by pressing again.​
You can program the AC to turn on/off after selected number of hours thanks to the Timer feature.​
The Eco mode enables to switch to energy-saving mode.

Additional benefits

Sleep Mode​
Before going to sleep, activate the Sleep Mode. The AC will apply quiet slow fan speed, gradually increase the cooling temperature by +1˚C and eventually turn off after 8 hours.

Up/Down airflow control​
You can select the preferred airflow direction and make it swing vertically with your remote controller. ​
For horizontal direction, users can adjust the deflectors manually.

‘Mute’ operation down to 31dB(A)​
The mute button is a shortcut to switch to quiet slow fan speed, down to 31dB(A). (2)

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant
With sustainability as a priority, the R32 refrigerant is rated to have Zero Depletion Potential and lower Global Warming Potential which helps protect the environment and our planet's future.


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