airHome 300

Wall Mounted Inverter Cooling Only AC (RAK/RAC-CJ-PCASM)

airHome 300

Wall Mounted Inverter Cooling Only AC (RAK/RAC-CJ-PCASM)

Create a healthy and comfortable home environment effortlessly with the airHome 300 series. This reliable air conditioning solution offers essential features for year-round comfort, all while promoting energy efficiency 4/5 stars varies by unit.
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Effective Cooling Solutions for High Temperatures

airHome 300 delivers exceptional cooling power, capable of maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures even in extreme outdoor environments with ambient temperatures reaching up to 46°C.

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FrostWash ™ Self-Cleaning Technology

Our renowned FrostWash ™ technology activates to remove the dirt and mold accumulated on the indoor unit’s heat exchanger coil. ​
It freezes the heat exchanger down to down to -15°C to trap pollutants and dust in the ice and then melts them to flush them away. This leaves the unit sanitized and dramatically reduces the possibility of pollutants being spread from the AC unit to throughout the room.​

​FrostWash provides dual benefits:​

Sanitizing effects: 99% viruses eliminated [1], 99% bacteria eliminated[2], 95% mold reduction[3]
Preservation of airflow capacity: Our tests show that systems with FrostWash are 3×better at maintaining airflow performance than those without this technology. (4)

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ViroSense Z1 Filter Enhances Air Quality

​This powerful filter is proven with up to 99.9% effectiveness on viruses including SARS-CoV-2 [5] and up to 99.0% effectiveness on bacteria[6]
Enjoy cleaner air and peace of mind with the ViroSense Z1!

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airCloud Go app: Set Your Ideal Climate, From Anywhere!

Add an airCloud Home adapter (optional accessory) to control the air from anywhere. ​

Energy cost estimator to monitor costs and receive alerts as you approach your monthly budget limit​
The Smart-Fence links the AC operation to your location, for automatic turn off or setback when you leave and automatic precooling/preheating when you get home.​
Voice command via your favorite smart speakers is also available, pairing airCloud Go with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
More info on airCloud Go here.

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Energy Savings with Powerful Cooling

The Vector DC Inverter System delivers dependable cooling power even when the electricity fluctuates. It utilizes a mirochip to track compressor activity and electricity levels, fine-tuning compressor speed as needed. This optimized operation makes the Vector DC Inverter System significantly more energy-efficient than traditional systems without inverters.

SafeGuard: Maximized Uptime, Durable Performance

  1. Auto-Restart in case of power failure​

  2. Fireproof Electrical Enclosure for more safety​

  3. Light blue anti-corrosion fins​

  4. Anti-Rust Outdoor Casing

  5. 3-Minute Delay Circuit


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