Primairy Wired Controller (HCWA21NEHH)

Wall Mounted Room Controller

Primairy Wired Controller (HCWA21NEHH)

Wall Mounted Room Controller

Designed for use with Hitachi Primairy light commercial split systems, this wall mounted room controller includes an integrated IR receiver, an optional group control function and advanced set-back temperature management functions.
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Integrated IR receiver

Integrated IR receiver allows the controller to act as a receiver for a handheld remote. For indoor units which already have a built-in IR receiver this improves the handheld remote coverage range. For indoor units without a built-in IR receiver, it removes the expense and time of installing a dedicated IR receiver accessory.

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Set Back function

Even when the AC is switched off, the set back function enables it to automatically activate if the room temperature reaches a certain level. In heating mode it can prevent the room temperature falling too low, and in cooling mode can prevent the room from over heating.

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Group control

Connect and control up to 8 Primairy indoor units simultaneously with the optional group adapter HDBA21NEWH.

Both simple and advanced controls within easy reach

The large 4inch LCD screen displays clear icons and data, while the associated control buttons enable users to easily select operation mode, fan speed, air louver control and more. Facilities managers can lock certain functions, set up basic On/Off and weekly timer programs, limit the maximum and minimum permitted set temperatures, calibrate temperature settings and choose between the integrated temperature sensor or use of an additional sensor, adjust static pressure of ducted units and much more.


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