4-Way Cassette Inverter

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4-Way Cassette Inverter

Low-profile, energy-efficient. The ideal climate control solution for cost-effective offices and commercial spaces.
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Long Lasting

Hydrophilic Aluminium Fins ensures proper flow of condensed water, protecting the unit from corrosion or environmental degradation, which leads to longer-lasting operation.
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Energy Efficient

Incorporated with the latest inverter technology, user is able to enjoy the cooling comfort without the need to fork out huge amount of money for the electricity bills.
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Wide Temperature Range

Whether it’s a heat wave or chilly thunderstorm outside, our wide ambient temperature range provides unparalleled control over indoor temperature – from -15°C to 48°C.
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Operational Efficiency

Built-in Low Refrigerant Detection systems warn you when refrigerant levels are lower than 30%, preventing compressor damage and ensuring comfort is uninterrupted.


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