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Set Free Sigma

Establish and scale the power you need for your cooling infrastructure with VRF Set Free Ʃ Outdoor Units.
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Comprehensive Cooling

Whether it’s a large industrial complex or a high-rise building, the VRF Set Free Ʃ is designed to bridge the distance, with an operational range of 110 metres between the furthest outdoor and indoor unit.
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Greater Efficiency

The VRF Set Free Ʃ system is redesigned from the ground-up, incorporating more precise compressors, efficient heat exchangers and improved airflow – giving it recognised international certifications when it comes to energy efficiencies.
Energy Efficiency Ratio up to 4.62 & Coefficient of Performance up to 4.90
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Flexible Integration

Through the unique H-Link communication system, businesses can seamlessly integrate the full range of Hitachi cooling solutions to meet the unique needs of each environment.
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Compressor Control

Pre-installed models calculate the refrigerant requirements of indoor units and reconfigures compressors to accommodate. This increases energy efficiency, reduces likelihood of failures and ensures uninterrupted comfort for the building’s residents.
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Real-Time Monitoring

Utilise a range of controllers and monitors to independently adjust and analyse temperature or usage throughout the system.

What our customers say?

“Sustainability means a lot to LABS Tower. Heat pump technology is highly energy efficient as it uses renewable energy from the outdoor air to drive the heating/cooling process. This technology delivers high output for low input, leading to a direct saving in CO2 emissions and running costs.”
Frank Stravrou, COO of LABS Tower
“Living in a Mediterranean climate, with temperatures reaching in excess of 40˚C, especially given that LABS Tower is a glass building, it is imperative to us that the air conditioning system installed works seamlessly, efficiently and quickly, all of which the Hitachi HVAC system does effectively.”
Frank Stravrou, COO of LABS Tower

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"With an Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER) of 23.9*, Hitachi VRF meets and exceeds T24 and DOE Efficiency Requirements"
Brian Chacon, HVAC consultant, Ascent

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"We've had a good experience with Hitachi Cooling & Heating products for a couple of years now, when several VRF systems were installed in the hotel's extension in 2018 and they proved to be reliable and energy efficient".
Mr. Robert Refalo, Titan International Ltd Service Manager (2020)

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"Hitachi VRF's combination of quality, technology and technical support made it the perfect choice for this project.”
Jay Smith (Fredon Air)

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“Since we installed SET FREE Σ, we have had zero problems and zero complaints. When our guests are satisfied, so are we.”
Ms. Golda Boruchowski, Hotel General Manager
“Since we installed SET FREE Σ, our maintenance and energy costs have significantly reduced.”
Mr. Marcelo Ribeiro, Hotel Chief of Maintenance
“Hitachi Cooling & Heating solutions deliver excellent reliability. SET FREE Σ was the ideal solution.”
Eng. Renato Chacur, Consultant

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“Since we installed the Hitachi Variable Refrigerant Flow system, the building’s annual electricity costs decreased by 20% to 30%. It was a smart investment!”
Gustaf Stevanus Rotinsulu, Graha Kencana Building Owner (2019)

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