Floor Ceiling Inverter

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Floor Ceiling Inverter

Small to medium-sized spaces benefit well from this slender unit. After a straightforward installation the unit blends into your interior. The fresh air intake, fan housing and other features have all been designed for discretion, comfort and control.
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Fresh air inlet

Allows fresh air intake to improve indoor ventilation and air quality.
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Plastic Fan housing

Plastic fan housing can reduce the noise level effectively.
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Installation on Floor or Ceiling

A unit that can function equally well after floor installation or suspended ceiling installation can adapt to many different room layouts, business types or living spaces.
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Metal frame of drain pan

The drain pan uses an integrated design with high-strength steel and PS foam. This ensures the durability of the drain pan and improves the thermal insulation and anti-condensation properties of the unit.

Floor Ceiling Inverter Series Cooling Only Type Leaflet


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Floor Ceiling Inverter Series Cooling Only Type Leaflet