Utopia Prime

Split-inverter heat pumps for small commercial buildings

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Utopia Prime

Split-inverter heat pumps for small commercial buildings

Infinite combinations from Twin to Quadri
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Excellence and agility for limitless configurations

Available with R32 and R410A from 4 to 6HP, this range offers the possibility of mixing up to 4 indoor units of different types and power ratings on the same outdoor unit, from 10 kW upwards. The possible combinations are therefore infinite, in Mono, Twin, Triple and Quadri versions to suit a multitude of applications.

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An innovative, ultra-flexible air/air range

Utopia Prime has a static pressure of 30Pa. It is compatible with all Set Free DRV indoor units, as well as ultra-compact ducted units and the Silent Iconic design cassette front.

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Optimum comfort and savings

Utopia Prime operates at extreme temperatures: down to -20°C in heating mode and from -15°C to 46°C in cooling mode. Its wide operating ranges guarantee optimum comfort all year round.

It features reinvented master-slave control for even greater energy savings.

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