Kashikoi series is a curated series of intelligent air conditioners. The range consists of acs from fully loaded features to high energy efficiency to deliver unmatched performance. It caters to modern needs, and provides best in class air-conditioning. It comes with special Anti-Corrrosion Coating that ensures better performance, durability and savings year after year, even in coastal conditions. AVAILABLE IN : 12 K to 24 K BTU

Anti Corrosion Treatment

"The condensers in our outdoor units are protected by a special anti-corrosion coating that lasts longer than standard coatings. This extra layer of protection ensures better performance, durability and savings year after year, even in coastal conditions."

Filter Clean Indicator

A unique alert reminds you to clean the filter at regular intervals, ensuring powerful cooling all the time.

Auto Coil Dry Technology- For Odour Free Air

The unique Auto Coil Dry Technology keeps the indoor fan blower running for sometime on standby mode whenever the AC is switched off with remote controller so that it dries up the condensed water accumulated on the evaporator coil. It prevents the accumulation of debris, dust and pollen in the form of condensed water droplets on the evaporator coil and keeps the unit dry and clean to ensure fresh and healthy air.

Big Flow Deflector- For Surround Air

Big Flow Deflector ensures far reaching and uniform cooling in every part of the room. While conventional AC units fail to cool the area directly beneath the AC unit, Big Flow Deflector’s vertical air deflection ensures that not only the farthest corner of the room but also the area directly beneath the AC unit gets equal air volume. Thus, ensuring minimum hot pockets in the room.

Wave Blade Design- For Silent Air

The unique design of indoor fan blower offers Sine Wave Blade design unlike the conventional straight blade design of the fan’s blade. The unique Sine Wave Blade design ensures air cutting noise reduction and far reaching maximum air volume. Thus, the comfort of silent air with cooling all around you is ensured.

Penta Sensor Technology

Hitachi's intelligent Penta sensor technology with its advanced microcontroller offers perfect cooling even in extreme summer conditions, optimises cooling in load variation and protects critical components of the AC.

Tropical Inverter Technology

Hitachi ACs are designed to keep you cool and work efficiently up to 52°C. Our ACs with Tropical Inverter Technology have a unique variable speed tropical compressor that varies its RPM by adjusting the power supply frequency of its tropical compressor. This is achieved by Seamless Cascade Vector DC Inverter System that comes pre-installed with a micro computer which controls its rotation, providing cooling solutions as per the room’s requirements. Thus, giving it an edge over conventional Inverter ACs.

Stepless Compressor Control

Specially designed advanced microcontroller checks indoor and outdoor condition, and varies compressor speed seamlessly, thus offering uninterrupted cooling.

100% Inner Grooved Copper Tubes

Hitachi's 100% inner grooved copper ensures faster cooling with its turbulent refrigerant flow that enhances heat transfer rate.

Expandable Inverter Air Conditioner

Hitachi's Expandable AC expands its capacity in adverse temperature conditions, it brings down the humidity level inside the room and achieves set temperature faster.

iSense - Activity Sensor Technology

We want you to get the best night’s sleep possible. iSense uses an infrared sensor to regulate the room temperature according to person's active body movements so that you wake up fresh the next morning. In case of no active movement, the AC increases the temperature by 1°C per hour for 2 hours.

Stainless Steel Filter

The Hitachi stainless steel coated filter helps in improving the indoor air quality by suppressing the growth of bacteria. It is also easy to clean as it does not let dust settle on its surface and can be cleaned with a single wipe without even using water. The stainless steel used in the stainless clean system is of high quality and extremely resistant to corrosion resulting in durability and hygiene.

Other Features

LCD Remote with Backlight
Pre-Coated Aluminium Fins
43 Quality Test


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