Control Multiple Climates with VRF

Our VRF systems offer multi-zone climate control technology that help minimise energy consumption without compromising on performance or comfort

Solutions that are flexible, efficient and versatile

Hitachi Cooling & Heating VRF systems are the perfect match for indoor environments that constantly change and require climate control technology that easily adapts and maintains an optimal level of comfort.

Our VRF systems allow operators to control the comfort of an entire building using premium technologies that offer a superior level of flexibility and energy efficiency.

From commercial purposes to modern condominiums, we cater for different types of projects that require multi-zone management. The operator can adapt the comfort of each zone, individual rooms or a whole floor, from anywhere, anytime thanks to our selection of user-friendly customisation features and controller options.

The versatility of VRF air conditioning means multiple indoor unit types - including but not limited to wall-mounted, cassette and ducted air conditioners - can be connected to one outdoor unit and operated via the same control system. You can enjoy flexible configuration options that adapt to architectural and design needs.

Our innovative SideSmart VRF unit is a world-first product that is slim, modular and ultra-efficient, making it the right choice for every project, especially those when space is limited. Furthermore, our outdoor units range from 3HP to 96HP making it easier to choose the right one for your project.

Hitachi Cooling & Heating VRF Systems are packed with industry-leading energy-saving technology to keep operational costs low and help minimize your carbon footprint. This is made possible with our exclusive scroll compressor control feature SmoothDrive. It allows our VRF systems to operate with greater efficiency and comfort at partial load operation, making it one of the most adaptive and energy-saving solutions on the market.

Features like our patented communication system H-LINK and the ability to adapt to various piping layouts means that initial installation costs are lower and a smarter investment in the long term.

Managing VRF Systems is made simple with a selection of centralized controllers that include fixed and mobile options, and our suite of innovative airCloud apps allows remote operation and makes monitoring the status of your equipment simple.

From maintaining the perfect indoor climate all year round to developing new technology to address the needs of our evolving cities, we’re committed to solutions that help people adapt to tomorrow.

See which VRF system matches your needs

Hitachi VRF systems for multi zone climate control

Our range of cooling and heating solutions provides households and businesses with the leading climate control technology to create and maintain the perfect indoor environment. Our advanced VRF solutions for multi zone cooling and business applications offer the versatility that each project requires, as well as unbeatable efficiency and reliability. Our collection of elegant and efficient options are designed to adapt to you and the spaces that they inhabit.

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