IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) solutions

Breathe easy with our range of air renewal and air quality solutions. With our range of upgrades for existing or newly-installed AC systems, air handlers and easy to use ventilation options, you’ll find a solution to suit the needs of almost any business or commercial space.

Affordable solutions to enhance air quality using Hitachi VRF systems

Upgrade an Hitachi VRF system with an ionizer kit that's easy to install in ducted units. These affordable solutions can help to inhibit the spread of viruses, pollutants and odors.

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Air Handling Units for improved air quality

Use the Hitachi DX kit to connect a 3rd party DX air handling unit to an Hitachi VRF system, enabling seamless control of both the VRF indoor units and an AHU containing high-capacity air filters or other air purification equipment.
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Ventilation solutions that help to cut energy bills by up to 36%

Hitachi’s range of 1-way and 2-way ventilation solutions are compatible with VRF and commercial split systems1. The All Fresh Air unit is a 1-way solution which brings fresh air into outdoor spaces pre-treating it using the refrigerant loop, while a 2-way energy recovery ventilation (ERV) solution is provided by Total Heat Exchanger which recovers energy from exhaust air to bring fresh air closer to the indoor temperature, thereby reducing loading on the AC system and lowering energy consumption by up to 36% compared with a simple ventilation fan2.
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[1] The 1-way ventilation solution - All Fresh Air Unit - is not compatible with commercial split systems because it integrates with the VRF refrigerant loop
[2] Simulation; Tokyo, operation 8am-18pm, office, 135m2, Indoor temperature 25C, based on weather data Feb 16, 2020, Cooling/Heating operation