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Wall-mount Cooling Only Standard ambient

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airHome 100

Wall-mount Cooling Only Standard ambient

Want a reliable cooling equipment for your home? airHome 100 is a powerful air conditioner you can trust to maintain a pleasant temperature over the years.
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iFeel Button: Smarter Climate Control for Your Home

The remote control is equipped with a temperature sensor to feel 1m within the surrounding temperature, and every 3 Minutes automatically transmits the information to the indoor unit, which operates and adjusts according to the perceived temperature to achieve intelligent temperature.​
Simply press the "iFeel" button to experience this intelligent temperature control and create the perfect indoor environment.

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Auto-Restart Keeps Your Comfort Uninterrupted

When power is restored, the air conditioner will immediately resume the operating mode it was in before the power outage, eliminating the need to​ manually reset the controls.

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Fresh Air, Every Day!

Enjoy the feeling of fresh air, right at home, with our washable high-density filter. It removes over 90% of dust particles, leaving you with cleaner air and a healthier environment. ​

Simply wash the filter with water for unparalleled freshness, effortlessly maintained.

15m airflow

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With long distance airflow, you can enjoy cool and comfort anywhere in the room.​ *Applicable for 2TR and above
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Golden Fins outdoor & indoor

The golden fin used in air​ conditioner heat exchanger​ provides stable and durable​ cooling performance.

Highlighted benefits:

4D Auto-swing
The horizontal and vertical auto swing improve distribution of cooling, prevent direct blowing, make you feel more comfortable.
4 Sleep Modes
For a more restful sleep, the temperature curve is customized within 8hours according to the needs of different profiles: adult, elderly, youth, children.
Turbo Mode
The AC is not affected by ambient​​ temperature. It always runs with the​​ maximum power and air volume, and​ reduces the temperature rapidly.


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