airHome 200

Wall-mount Heat Pump Fixed Speed AC for High Ambient Climates

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airHome 200

Wall-mount Heat Pump Fixed Speed AC for High Ambient Climates

The airHome 200 delivers exceptional cooling capacity, maintaining a comfortable environment even in extreme ambient temperatures reaching 55°C. Create the perfect atmosphere, everyday!
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Powerful cooling, even at 55°C!

The airHome 200 delivers stable operation even in scorching temperatures, thanks to the innovative pairing of a high-efficiency heat exchanger and T3 compressor. This combination ensures stable cooling performance at an impressive 55°C.

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Good for You, Better for the Planet

The airHome 200 is not only good for you, but also for the planet! It boasts exceptional energy efficiency, achieving an impressive EER of up to 8.9, even in demanding T3 high-temperature environments. ​
This translates to minimal energy consumption while delivering powerful cooling performance. You can enjoy a cool and comfortable home while minimizing your environmental impact.​
*for all lineup except RAK/RAC-AJ18-PCAMG3 EER = 8.6

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Smart Mode Creates Your Perfect Atmosphere

Activate Smart Mode with a simple button press, and your air conditioner seamlessly manages your comfort. This advanced technology automatically adjusts both temperature and fan speed based on real-time room conditions, ensuring a consistently comfortable environment. ​
< 23ºC: Fan mode (more energy savings)​
23ºC-26ºC: Dry mode (soft cooling feeling)​
> 26ºC: Cooling

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Long Distance Airflow

Enjoy a uniform and comfortable temperature throughout the room, no matter where you are. ​
You can read in your favorite corner of the sofa, work at your desk, or play with your kids in any part of the room without feeling overheated.

15m airflow

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With long distance airflow, you can enjoy cool and comfort anywhere in the room.​ *Applicable for 2TR and above
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iFeel: reads the room’s temperature close to you (not close to the AC)

The remote control is equipped with a temperature sensor to feel 1m with in the surrounding temperature, and every 3min automatically transmits the information to the indoor unit, which adjusts according to the perceived temperature. By pressing the "I Feel" button to achieve intelligent temperature control and best room conditions. ​
The temperature you feel is the temperature you want.

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Enjoy fresh air every day

Experience a healthier and dust-free environment with our washable high-density filter. ​
This filter can remove more than 90% dust particles circulating in the air, just simply wash out filter with water, providing you with an unparalleled clean air experience.

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Self-Cleaning to Prevent Mold

Don't let musty odors linger after turning off your AC. Our innovative anti-mildew running feature keeps things fresh. ​
After switching off, the indoor fan runs for 30 seconds, drying any leftover moisture that could fuel mildew growth. ​
Enjoy fresher air and a longer-lasting air conditioner thanks to this clever technology.

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Golden Fins outdoor & indoor

The golden fin used in air​ conditioner heat exchanger​ provides stable and durable​ cooling performance.

Highlighted benefits:

4D Auto-swing
The horizontal and vertical auto swing improve distribution of cooling, prevent direct blowing, make you feel more comfortable
4 Sleep Modes
For a more restful sleep, the temperature curve is customized within 8hours according to the needs of different profiles: adult, elderly, youth, children.
Turbo Mode
The AC is not affected by ambient​​ temperature. It always runs with the​​ maximum power and air volume, and​ reduces the temperature rapidly.


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