PRIMAIRY Ducted Air Conditioners

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PRIMAIRY Ducted Air Conditioners

Primairy Ducted AC series 1. High Ambient - Cool Only 2. Fixed Speed - Heat Pump 3. Inverter – Heat Pump
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Main Features

1.       Wide Ambient Temperature Range

2.       Flexible Piping: Both short and long piping may be applicable to the installation needs of different sites. The right placement of the indoor unit is key to distributing the air properly. Long piping and large height difference can be covered with up to 50m piping run and 30m height resulting in high flexibility in installation configuration.

3.       Expansion Interface: Units can be integrated with third party equipment (smoke detector, card key slot, fire alarm) through external input and output function to provide a low cost solution.

4.      Wide ESP Range: ESP in Ducted unit can be adjusted to accommodate various installation configuration.

5.      Air Return from bottom or rear of unit: Depending on different installation circumstances, the installation will be highly flexible.
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Other Main Features

6.      Durable protection drainage system: Built in drain pan with a water level switch that measures the water level and in case it exceeds the maximum allowable limit it will trigger the turn off of the unit

7.      High and low pressure switch: Ensure that the refrigerant system is protected in the event of over / under pressure

8.      Safety protection:  Control boards and electronics are completely enclosed by steel casing which offers great protection against fire hazards and ensures high level of safety during operation

9.      Discharge temperature sensor: Ensure that the compressor will operate in the safety range and prevent the damage caused by refrigerant leakage

10.      Temperature Protection System: Fan motor overheating protection and Compressor start preheating and overheating protection.

11.      Auto restart: units are automatically returned to previous operation conditions after power outage for simplified operation

12.      Optional Wireless Remote Controller