Hitachi VRF solutions

Hitachi uniquely combines mechanical, thermo and IoT technologies to deliver VRF solutions that save time and money.

Comprehensive VRF portfolio

For HVAC professionals, architects, and business decision-makers seeking a reliable partner with an unrivaled VRF portfolio, including unique solutions like the world's first slim modular VRF - air365 SideSmart. With this and other innovations we provide solutions for building problems, energy-efficient equipment for NetZero or low-carbon footprint building standards, seamless integration with interior designs, and a full range of software tools to simplify and speed up all aspects of the HVAC management lifecycle.

What is it?
Air source with Top (vertical) discharge
Modular combination
Modular - combine multiple outdoor units
Operation type
Cooling & heating modes (Heat Pump)

Cooling & heating modes operating simultaneously (Heat Recovery)

Hot water creation
Outdoor Unit installation
Rooftop, ground level
Outdoor Unit footprint
Suitable for
Multiple rooms and/or medium to large open spaces.

Projects where there is adequate space on the rooftop or ground.
Cooling capacity
up to 300kW
Max number of Indoor Units
up to 64
Energy efficiency
+ + + + +
What is it?
Air source with Front (side/horizontal) discharge
Modular combination
Modular - combine multiple outdoor units
Operation type
Cooling & heating modes (Heat Pump)
Outdoor Unit installation
Rooftop, ground level, balcony
Outdoor Unit footprint
Suitable for
Multiple rooms and/or small to large plan open spaces.

Projects with limited space for outdoor units.
Cooling capacity
up to 150kW
Max number of Indoor Units
up to 64
Energy efficiency
+ + + +
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Choose the right system type for your climate

Hitachi's commercial VRF portfolio offers unrivaled options to meet various usage needs, including single or scalable modular systems, Cooling Only, Heat Pump or Heat Recovery, and special versions for high ambient environments.
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Wide choice of VRF indoor units

Hitachi provides an extensive range of indoor units to suit any interior decoration or building function, including ducted, wall mounted, 4 types of cassettes, suspended ceiling, floor mounted, concealed. Optional accessories are also available, including the Twin-Sense panel for 4-way cassettes which automates operation to save energy based on occupant sensing, or the Aqtiv-Ion kit for Ducted units to achieve a healthier indoor environment.
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Configure systems up to 4x faster(1) with airCloud Tap

4X faster(1) to configure ODUs and 2X faster(2) to configure IDUs using Hitachi special support mobile app “airCloud Tap”, via NFC technology embedded in selected outdoor units and wired remote controllers.
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Easy to operate & automate with airCloud Pro

Control and optimize your HVAC system with ease using airCloud Pro - Hitachi's web/cloud-based Centralized Controller. With a user-friendly smartphone app or web browser interface, remotely monitor and manage your system's energy usage for optimal efficiency. airCloud Pro has won multiple design awards for its innovative and intuitive interface.
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Range of individual room and centralized controllers

Hitachi's VRF system provides occupants with award-winning, easy-to-use individual room controllers, while the centralized control system offers complete control of the entire system as an alternative or complement to airCloud Pro IoT control solution.
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Lowering the cost of centralized control systems

A common barrier to centralized control of a HVAC systems is the installation and commissioning cost. Hitachi H-LINK lowers this cost by enabling any type of wiring route based on layout rather than on air conditioning system structure. Units can be ‘daisy-chained’ together so that an indoor unit can connect to the nearest indoor unit rather than back to a central control point.
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Cut your energy consumption and carbon footprint in half(3)

Compared with VRF technology of just 15 years ago our best-performing air-source VRF systems use half the electricity(3) and equivalent CO2 emissions(4) from electricity production, achieving up to Cooling EER(5) 5.50 and Heating COP(5) 5.21.At the same time, Hitachi's direct capacity control technology SmoothDrive, available on some Hitachi VRF systems, utilizes precise temperature monitoring and control of the scroll compressor frequency to reduce compressor on/off cycles under part-load conditions. SmoothDrive 2.0 is up to 39% more energy efficient(6) under the part-load conditions that regulatory energy efficiency ratings do not account for.
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Affordable indoor air quality upgrades

Upgrade the indoor air quality of your space affordably with practical options including the optional Aqtiv-Ion kit for Ducted indoor units, which is 99.9% effective on inhibiting SARS-CoV-2(7) and more than 99% effective on a range of viruses and bacteria(8). Some indoor units also feature standard air-inlet holes to introduce fresh air into your space.
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No more cold drafts: GentleCool

When starting up, air conditioners can discharge very cold air to quickly reach the required temperature for the room, but this can result in cold drafts making occupants uncomfortable. With Hitachi GentleCool you can adjust the balance between achieving a lower room temperature quickly and avoiding cold drafts because you can now set your preferred wind (air outlet) temperature separate from the room set temperature.
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Warm floors in winter

In room heating scenarios, it’s common to hear users complain of cold feet because heat naturally rises. FeetWarm(9) helps to solve this problem by optimizing airflow in heating mode to ensure that the leg zone is consistently heated. Requires optional cassette panel with Motion Sensor & Radiant Sensor.


(1) Conventional way to open and close the cover and manipulate dip/power switch takes 40min 40sec. By using airCloud Tap without opening the cabinets: takes 9min 40 sec. [Simulation scenario] total 4 ODUs initial setting. total 5 items setup; ODU number, Refrigerant cycle number, Higher ESP setting, Power Supply setting, and Compressor manual-off setting.
(2) Conventional way takes 103min 16sec. By using airCloud Tap: takes 47min 40 sec. [Simulation scenario] Total 20 controller setting. Total 7 items of setup: Room name, Time, Language, Temperature unit, Backlight of the screen, Operation schedule from Monday to Friday 08:30~18:30 28°C , Upper and lower limit of setting temperature for both cooling and heating.
(3) Comparison of a system equivalent to 10HP class (28.0kW), between [RAS-FSN Hitachi inverter VRF of 15years ago] VS [air365 Max RAS-HNCC**]. 15 year old model = 8,349kWh/year. air365 Max 4,419kWh/year = 47% saving. Based on simulation of seasonal power consumption & CO2 emissions JIS B 8616: 2015 (Tokyo office). Cooling: Apr-19 to Nov-11. Heating Dec-3 to Mar-15. District; Tokyo. Application: Office. AC usage: 6days per week, 8am to 8pm.
(4) The CO2 emissions coefficient is 0.441 kg-CO2 /kWh. Based on Electric Power Industry Council for a Low Carbon Society in FY20.
(5 )Refers to air365 Max 8HP class models.
(6) Testing Condition (at Cooling Operation, Load Factor: Approx. 33%) Without SmoothDrive; average power consumption 2.46kW / With SmoothDrive; average power consumption 1.49kW. VRF ODU:(RAS-AP280DG3 = RAS-10FSNS) & VRF IDU: 4-way cassette indoor units (RCI-AP140K5 = RCI-5.0FSRP) & Indoor Unit Inlet Temperature: 27°C (Dry Bulb) / 19°C (Wet Bulb) Ambient Temperature at Air Volume “High”: 23°C (Dry Bulb) / Piping Length between Indoor Unit and Outdoor Unit: 15m / Testing Location: Environment Testing Facility at Kansai Denryoku (power supply company).
(7) Refers to Ionizer Kit test conducted Aug/Sept 2020 at Nara Medical University. Ozone Density : 0.1ppm. Tested Sample: Ozone generator which keeps 0.5~3.0 ppm emission in a space of 6.7L after 3 min generation. Host Cells: VeroE6/TMPRSS2. Washing-out Solution: SCDLP medium. Testing Condition: 19.6~21.8℃, 50.0~59.7%RH (Humidity) . Infectivity Measurement Method: Virus Plaque Assay.
(8) For example, [Escherichia coli] [Staphylococcus aureus], [Influenzas virus] and others. Numerous tests on various products.
(9) Available on 4-way casstte VRF IDU. Requires optional twin-sense panel.
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Hitachi VRF systems for multi zone climate control

Our range of cooling and heating solutions provides households and businesses with the leading climate control technology to create and maintain the perfect indoor environment. Our advanced VRF solutions for multi zone cooling and business applications offer the versatility that each project requires, as well as unbeatable efficiency and reliability. Our collection of elegant and efficient options are designed to adapt to you and the spaces that they inhabit.

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