Innovation Hub

We explore and innovate the relationship between spaces, people and climate
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Innovation Hub

We explore and innovate the relationship between spaces, people and climate

Hitachi Cooling & Heating Innovation

For over 80 years, Hitachi Cooling & Heating has been driven by the challenge to reshape the perception and possibilities of climate control solutions for the residential and commercial spaces and for those that work with it in a professional capacity. 


We strive to improve existing technologies and innovate within the gaps in the market that appear as lifestyles and business evolve. 


Our time is channelled into developing ideas big and small, from advances that help reduce harmful pollutants found in the air we breathe, to crafting aesthetically pleasing air conditioning units that don’t compromise on comfort. Our commitment to minimizing our impact on the environment extends to you, designing products that are energy efficient and help lower running costs.


In addition, we are constantly researching and testing how our technology can benefit medical research, food production and preservation, and provide better health and comfort to hospitals and schools. There is much more to climate control than just 'keeping cool'. Climate control has the power to propel businesses, save lives and open doors.


As part of our innovation principals, we are proud to introduce you to the Innovation Hub, a station where you can explore our next-generation products and their stories.



Freeze. Melt. Clean. Our “coolest” technology keeps the interior of your air conditioner cleaner, year after year.

Silent Iconic

We have designed the most innovative and unique product called “Silent Iconic” award winning of the IF Design Award 2020.
New VRF Design

SideSmart™ VRF

The World’s First slim modular VRF unit. Adapts to your space and capacity needs.

Duality Design philosophy

The foundation to our design and engineering that informs the decisions we make during each stage of product development