Free-cooling system for ducted indoor unit

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Free-cooling system for ducted indoor unit

Econofresh is the optional kit attached to the ducted indoor units to introduce fresh air into the room. It can work in a free-cooling mode for even more energy efficiency.
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HVAC systems with fresh air introduction

Econofresh is a module attached to the air-inlet side of Ducted indoor units. Via a set of shutters, it makes it possible to mix FRESH and RECYCLED air to create “free-cooling”, improving indoor air quality.
How does it work?
When the outside ambient air temperature is lower than the indoor room air temperature, “free-cooling” can be activated to stop the outdoor unit compressor and reduce energy waste.
Versatile performance can be ensured too because two different operating modes can be selected.
- Standard mode: ideal operation for mild temperatures
- All Fresh mode: ideal for spaces characterized by a high internal thermal load throughout the year

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Easy installation of Econofresh free-cooling module

Installation is easy. First, attach Econofresh directly to the air inlet of the ducted indoor unit. Then, attach both the return-air duct & fresh-air duct side by side to Econofresh. Lastly, you can maximize operations to meet your air conditioning and climatisation needs.
- Operation via enthalpy control: to optimize free cooling regulation and control, the system can be fitted with an enthalpy sensor kit. Fitting the system with an enthalpy sensor kit to manage fresh and re-circulated air in relation to air enthalpy reading and temperature reading, assuring accurate control and guarantee the comfort of people present in the building.
- Operation via CO2 sensor: to guarantee enhanced indoor air quality, the Econofresh system can be also coordinated by installing an optional C02 sensor.

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This special free cooling kit is available economically fresh - Indoor units; Pipeline IDUs (Economy Kit connects to four-, five- and six-HP Pipe Units) - Outdoor unit; air365 Max Pro, air365 Max, SET
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Econofresh solutions provide healthier air and better energy consumption.


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