Floor Ceiling Fixed Speed

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Floor Ceiling Fixed Speed

Perfect for space conscious small or medium businesses. Floor or ceiling installations ensures cooling doesn’t come at the expense of style – or space – of your interiors.
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Under Ceiling or Low Floor Mounted

Incorporates a functional design that allows it to intake fresh air and output cooling breezes, regardless of its mounting position.

Fresh Air Inlet

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Silent Fan Operation

Well moulded plastic fan housing ensures rigidity and quiet operation, retaining the peaceful harmony of the space.
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Long-Term Durability

The high-tensile metal frame of the internal drain pan improves thermal insulation and prevents condensation, prolonging the strength and durability of the unit.
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Wide Temperature Range

Whether it’s a heat wave or chilly thunderstorm outside, our wide ambient temperature range provides unparalleled control over indoor temperature – from -15°C to 48°C.


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