Tue 27 Jun 2023

Find answers to the most common questions about air conditioning with "The ABC of AC: At Home"

Should you be concerned about using air conditioning around children? Does fan mode help keep the room cool? How should you clean your AC’s filter? If these doubts sound familiar to you then we have what you need.


Introducing the new Hitachi Cooling & Heating series, the ABC of Air Conditioning: At Home, a YouTube video series that answers some of the most common questions about AC that users have. For example:

  • How does air conditioning work?
  • What aircon do I need for my home?
  • Is it safe to sleep with the AC on?
  • How do I clean the AC filter?

These four questions and more are explored through this set easy-to-watch animated shorts, that we hope are engaging and informative, and are a new way to learn about those doubts about HVAC you might have.


For the first series, the focus is on evergreen topics that any household that uses air conditioning will be familiar with. Here’s a breakdown of each video:


Debunking Air Conditioning Myths

Does installing a bigger AC in your home mean better cooling? Can AC be used around children? And what’s the best way to use your AC when sleeping?

Some of these you’ve asked yourself before, haven’t you? In this video, we debunk some of the top myths and worries about air conditioning.



The Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Whether buying your first air conditioner or upgrading an existing one, this AC tutorial video explains everything that you need to consider before buying. Each home and occupants have their own unique needs, so finding the type of system with the right features is essential.



How to Clean Air Conditioner Filters?

Most of your home’s AC maintenance is best left to the professionals but there is one task that every air conditioner owner should feel confident to do, and that’s clean the filters. By doing so, you prolong the life of your systems, reduce energy consumption and, most importantly, improve the effectiveness of your AC, thus your indoor comfort. Here’s how!



How does an Air Conditioner Work?

We know how to turn the AC and select our favourite setting for the ideal indoor temperature… but how does your AC make it happen? In this AC tutorial video we talk you through each step and the components that make it happen. Ready to learn something new?



You can watch and subscribe to the full season and more, on the Hitachi Cooling & Heating Global YouTube channel, here.



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